Friday, November 30, 2012

One last...something

So I just got home from another home basketball game where I got to witness my brothers first win! It was exciting. Neat. Cool. It's different for me this year. If you're a reader, you know that last year I pretty much devoted myself to school. That has not been the case this year and my shoulders feel much lighter than they did last year. I also haven't been as concerned with my brother. He is who he is and at this point all I can do is be his big sister, by being who I am. At some point, hopefully, he will figure things out. Until then, I'll be there for jam sessions and movie nights but that's it. It's interesting how having a different perspective can change so many things. I can't believe that I blogged (almost) every day this month. I can't wait to see next month. I've decided next month will be prayer, seeing as how advent starts tomorrow and I have a prayer book with prayers from each day. It's something I can do whenever, wherever. There's no reason that my book can't follow me every where like my phone does. So farewell November! Maybe I'll do this again another

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