Monday, March 4, 2013

Party On, Garth

This evening on my trip home from my weekly Family Dinners, I was thinking, as I have been much of this weekend. Actually, much of the past 28 years, I'm an over-thinker! I guess in some ways that's better than being an "under-thinker" but at least they are doers! Anyway, the song that popped into my head as relevant was "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks. If you're unfamiliar with the song, Garth sings about running into his high school sweetheart while he's with his current wife. While he was with his sweetheart, he prayed that they would end up together, obviously they didn't and now he's thankful for that because he is with his wife. I'm feeling that way right now. Being a single 28 year old of sound mind, I've obviously thought that a few of the males that I've met would be a good match. I'm thankful that God knew better for me now, but for a different reason than Garth. I'm glad that my life is open to pretty much any option that comes my way. Some people reading this and a few not reading this, think I'm crazy for not wanting to "settle down." Many of my friends have recently taken  big steps, buying a house, getting married, having babies, etc. Meanwhile, I'm living in my 5th residence in 6 years, I'm one month from having my MAJOR debts paid and a year or so from having all of my debts paid off. I do however, have many wonderful friends and colleagues. I've been to Canada, France, Italy and Greece. What's interesting about this past year is that I've had many options that have seemed like excellent options. Many have not turned out quite like I thought they would. I think of it this way, you know the saying "When God closes a door, he opens a window." I however have a variation of that. I think that these options I've looked into are actually just really fancy windows. I think I'm getting distracted by the windows and haven't even made it to the open door yet. I'm also not sure that I'm ready for the door yet. I'm working on getting there. I just want to experience so many things right now still. Now, to clarify, I'm not talking about spending the next 5 years backpacking across Europe or gambling away my money in Vegas. In fact, now more than ever before, I'm certain that I can't just choose a job because they are paying me lots of money. I want to do something meaningful with my talents and skills. Money is an unfortunate necessity, but one that thankfully I've learned to manage on a limited income. Also, because of my overthinking tendencies, I'm not just going to take every opportunity that's given to me. You have to make sure the choices you make are the right ones. I'm so glad that my regular adoration hour has coincided with the events over the last 4 months. Being able to sit and talk/think it over with the Holy Spirit, the best life coach EVER, is just an amazing experience. Of course, I've also been blessed with a few awesome friends that have listened to me think, over analyze and stress about many decisions. I know it has to be frustrating to listen to me go on and on about all the possibilities, but as I told one of you just yesterday, "You should be inside my head!!" She wisely said, "No thank you!" Hahaha. Anyway. Just wanted to share those little thoughts with you, plus it's been awhile since I've written a blog. So hope you enjoyed it!