Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Finally Friday!!

So I've decided that today will be the day that I make my announcement!! I've been trying to think of the right time and way to announce it because I'm not really sure how people are going to react to this news. BUT then I decided that I didn't care how people reacted, well I care, it just isn't going to affect my decision. So I'm on week #3 of counting calories and my NEW and improved weight loss plan. I really think that this is the longest I've ever stuck with one. And I think there's good reason for it. I'm going to be doing something MAJOR sometime in the next year.....
Yes, I know it may seem odd, but I've been searching for something and I think I've found it! Since I'm trying to get into shape to meet the physical requirements to join, there's just been this peace about me. I don't feel sad, I feel happy and I'm REALLY ENJOYING GETTING INTO SHAPE! I know it's sick how much I enjoy it. Maybe it's cause I'm using apps that I downloaded on my iPhone, but I LOVE COUNTING CALORIES! I love working on my "Couch to 5K" program! I love pushing myself to run until the little man says "Walk Now." I really have forgotten how much I love being healthy cause I've made so many unhealthy choices in the past couple of years. BUT NOW I'M BACK! Plus, most of you know how much I really enjoy computers and technology and MATH!! And I could put all of those skills to use in the air force. I know I'm putting good use of those skills as a teacher but I just feel like I can do more! And so I AM!! Right now, my semi-plan is to hopefully be able to take the AFOQT and physical test sometime between May and early August, depending on how soon I get in shape. I am going to work at Camp Kiwanis again this summer, mostly cause I can and I love it, but also cause it's my TENTH summer to work out there. That's actually one of the hardest things to leave behind. I LOVE CAMP!
I've discussed this with a few people and I've gotten a few questions. I don't know if I'll be joining for 2 years or 4 years or maybe even longer. I know that if possible I would like to get my master's while in the air force, and if I do that then I'll need to join for a longer period of time. What happens after that, I think is the REALLY exciting part. I'm really looking forward to joining the air force and getting to travel and see and experience new things! I think one reason I am announcing this at such an early time is because I need your prayers, cause this is not going to be easy and I just can't do it alone! AND I'M NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME!! I also wanted to give everyone plenty of time to process this, just cause, especially since I just moved back to Amarillo, no one really expects me to make this kind of announcement. The other reason is cause I'll be studying and preparing, both for the physical test and the AFOQT (which is the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test). And I think it'll be easier to announce this all at one time, rather than over and over and over.
Just so you know, I've probably typed this blog, like 4 times, and as I'm typing this one, I'm skeptical to publish it (I've read it 5 times and still haven't published it...) But the same thing happened when I emailed the recruiter and that turned out well. Which if you're wondering, he emailed me a pre-qualifications sheet and I sent it back to him. His response was that my background info looked good, with the exception of my physical info-which I knew and had already told him that I was working on it. So, he said I should study for the AFOQT and let him know when I feel ready to take the tests. :)
ALSO, for all your skeptics, that have seen me start many new programs or talk about doing this or that, this is not something that I'm just going to lose interest in. I'm NOT just TALKING about it. I trained for 2 weeks before I even contacted any one in the air force. I have not signed any papers or anything, but as of right now, this is a goal that I'm very serious about and I would be honored to have your support.
So as usual, thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!