Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm allergic

Have you ever had a day where too much happened for ONE status update? Well, I did and instead of writing a novel for a status, I decided to write a blog! I have to warn you that I have all these ideas swarming around my head and I'm not so sure how well I can put them down.
      So first let me start with one of the highlights of my day that was spent with my brother. We all know that my taste in music isn't just, well, shall we say, NORMAL. Anyways this afternoon, and morning, I was listening to some of my new favorites, Meiko and Adele. I think it was during one of Meiko's songs that Bobby started singing along with me, but since the singers are both female, he changed it up. So he was singing in this low, twangy sort of voice that made it sound like a 1980s country duet. It was QUITE amusing!
      So then, onto my new personal challenge to "TRY NEW THINGS" this evening I went for an open audition for a play at the ALT. They are only casting ONE female role and one of the people auditioning  was my HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE TEACHER, and the part is actually THREE different characters with THREE different accents. But I auditioned, I gave it a go. It was TONS OF FUN. I'll try it again sometime, besides the spring/summer.
       So then, on my way home, I got stuck by a train and decided to check facebook. I was glad that I had, cause a friend that I had actually been thinking on my way to the audition, had written something that just about made me cry. Let's just say that sometimes it's a bummer when people live far away.
     Let me just say that I'm really enjoying my challenge to "TRY NEW THINGS" It certainly has led me to many new adventures. Some of them have been short-lived, others long. Fortunately, I think I have learned something, either about me or other people, with each new thing I have tried. Oh and one final thought, kind of like Jerry Springer (swooooosh), ONLY 4 WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO GO TO PARIS, FRANCE!!! WHA-WHAT!! Okay, I'm done....Peace out
Until next time...
Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I finished "The Son of Neptune" the 2nd book in the second Percy Jackson series. If you haven't read those, you should. And yes, I finished it over the weekend....what a spinster, eh?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is going to be a short post as I need to get ready very soon. I've been "writing" this blog in my head for the past week and I would be sad if I didn't actually "put it on paper." Today, one of my oldest friends is getting married. It's so cool in a crazy kind of way. Most of you may know that we moved when I was in middle school to the other side of what I always thought was a small little town. We left our church and many of the friends that we had grown up with. Looking back on it now, I realize that we moved away and didn't really look back. Growing up, if my sister and I were not at our house, we were at the Gabel's house, or their grandma Olga's house. I remember when I was little that I could never really say her name correctly. Jenna, Marissa and Kalin were close to the same age as Cassi and I and we always had a GREAT time together. The older brothers, Phillip, Kurt and Brian, we never knew quite as well but I was always fascinated that they had older brothers, maybe a little jealous too. Often times, Cassi and I would leave our parents in mass to go sit with the Gabels. If family came into town, we were always there too. We went on camping trips together. We were really almost like family. In January of 2010, we all suffered a loss, Grandma Olga passed away. I took off from school and my part time job to attend the Rosary and funeral. The night of the funeral we went to the old Knights of Columbus Hall near St. Laurence for a dinner and I swear I was transported to a time when we didn't move across town and we were all still friends. We talked about lots of things. I hope this next section makes sense and comes out like I mean it. Understand that I would give anything to have my own grandmother(s) back to share in the good times we used to have. I also think that Olga brought us all back together in a really fantastic way that makes me miss her just as I do my own Nanny. I look forward to celebrating tonight with Kalin and I know that Olga, or Ouaga as I used to say, is going to be with us tonight as well. Enjoying the friends- no, family that she has brought back together!
Until next time.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Devil's Ice Skates

Don't you hate it when you have a really great or at least decent idea but you're in the car?! It never fails that when that happens to me, I forget by the time I've reached my destination! This afternoon on my way to tutor, I had a moment of "blog-spiration" But by the time I got home, it was gone. I remember that I thought "The Devil's Bicycle" was a great title, but that's all I got...
[Note: I actually wrote this on paper on Wednesday evening and I'm now typing it on Friday afternoon.]
I do know this is my first blog in a LONG time. Lots has happened: Camp ended. I went to Niagara Falls, Canada, with my Aunt Mary and Matthew. I gave up Student Council, became Junior Class Sponsor and for those non-educators- that MEANS PROM! I gave up PR then got it right back. Needless to say, I'm still busy. However, I've also found time for some fun!! September is my "On the Road" month. The first weekend found the family and I in Keller for Aunt LouAnn's birthday. Miraculously, this lined up with a cheap (YET AWESOME) concert in Bedford featuring Jonny Lang. Then a few weekends ago, thanks to my wonderful friends Janet and Jennifer, we took a road trip to Albuquerque for my first REAL HANSON CONCERT. I signed up for a Meet and Greet, not even thinking that I would win! BUT I DID! I'm hoping I have that picture soon.....THEN thanks to my equally-awesome friends, Teresa and Emily, I took a little trip to Houston for Teresa and Emily's first HANSON EXPERIENCE. I'm going to try and include a few pictures at the end, or you can just check facebook...
The two adventures were very different. I will say the Houston trip is the trip that my 13 year old self ALWAYS wanted to take, but never did! There's also a way Awesome Video, that may possibly be kept under wraps for a LONG TIME. HAHAHA!
Ok, this school year has also had some other personal, everyday adventures. I think it's a pretty well known fact that I've moved back home, but my brother is also now going to my school. Bobby and I have always been pretty close, but this is bringing on a new dimension to our friendship/relationship. We've also RECENTLY (as in today [Wednesday])  started getting up at 5 AM to go to the gym. I've gone sporadically since school started, but between tutoring and games and living in the middle of nowhere, it hasn't happened as much as it should. I'm hoping that I get in a routine of that shortly.....UGH! Have I ever mentioned that I hate mornings? I am also looking forward to Basketball Season!
In other news, I regret to announce that I will not be participating in the Breast Cancer 3 day walk. I have been unsuccessful at raising money and I also can't afford to have to pay the balance. So if any of you were planning on donating to me, please donate to my mother instead.  The walk is about a month a way so ANY support you can give is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
I'm sure I had more to say, but for now that's all I got. Thanks for reading!
Until next time.
PS I'll have to work on the pictures for next time....It may just be a separate post...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be optimistic

Well, as I type this it's still the 4th day of July, so Happy Independence Day!! Which also means that my birthday is only 3 weeks away!!! This year is kind of odd. First of all, according to the latest news report, we have recieved only 1.4 inches of precipitation this year and about half of that was SNOW! There have been MANY fires this spring/summer and the entire Texas Panhandle is under a burn ban and most counties have made it illegal to even have fireworks in your possession! I totally get why they did that, but it's still a bummer. It's a double whammy too, since our fundraiser for next year's Italy/Greece Trip was a firework stand. :(  So we still have to come up with a new fundraiser and the city put on a Laser Light show....After hearing the feedback, I'm glad that I didn't go. So, tomorrow I go back to camp for the last half of the summer camp season. This weekend has been nice; also quite busy, but nice. Long weekends are always nice. I spent this weekend moving back into my parents house. :) I sold my couch and the rest of my furniture is being stored in the basement for an undetermined amount of time. My unofficial plan is to pay off my credit card so I can actually afford a one bedroom apartment that doesn't suck. I have just made too many hasty decisions so I need to make sure that whatever I do next is in a positive direction. No more steps just for the sake of making a step.
Also with the previous school year finished, I'm more excited about the things that this next school year brings. I'll get to see my brother everyday at school!! I'm really excited about him transferring to Holy Cross. I also get to be in charge of a couple of things, I think. I think I still have my Academic Competition stuff- which I LOVE!! There's a chance of Student council, still. I know I have my Dual Credit class again. And a couple of other things that I KNOW I'll have. Like THANKSGIVING IN PARIS! YES PARIS, FRANCE. The closer the school year, the more excited I get about that!! Then for Spring Break- ITALY AND GREECE!! Of course, with the Academic competitions also comes all those trips in the spring, so don't plan on me attending any weekend event in March or April....haha. Oh, and also in November, I'm doing the 3 day Breast Cancer walk with my mom. (Click HERE to donate- I have to raise $2300 by November 4th :) ) I'm sure I am forgetting something else..I'm already excited about Basketball season, since my brother will be a Mustang this year. :) I'm still tutoring. It almost sounds like it's going to be another crazy year. :) The best part about it is that I work with some completely Awesome people that I get to call friends. You know, when I left Midland, that was my biggest concern. My friends in Midland will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, they were my first school family and they were fantastic friends, Mentors and coworkers. I wasn't sure that I would ever find another group of people like that and while the two groups are definitely different, I still feel blessed to actually WANT to go to work....most days. On the plus side (sort of), this year we have 12 personal days, for sickness or personal days, so I'll be able to take more days off. The sort of comes from the fact that they don't roll over, so I either use them or lose them. Guess which one I'll be doing? :)
One last thing. In case you were wondering, my Hanson Obsession has not been cured yet. So in honor of that obsession and spreading the disease to other soon-to-be Hanson fans, here's my video of the month that I'm sharing. Unless you're reading this on facebook, then you need to click "View Original Post" cause it only shows up on the actually blog. :) ENJOY. Until next time.

Monday, May 16, 2011

guilt-free pleasure

First of all, I promise not to talk about Hanson. Well, except to say that I got to see a free concert this weekend AND MEET THEM and it WAS AMAZING. but surely you've all seen the video by now, so you know what a hopeless NERD I AM.. if not, send me a message. I'll send you a's worth seeing.

Ok, so I just had to write a blog about HOW MUCH I LOVE TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL! I NEVER, EVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SAY THAT. And it always seemed like an accident that I even got the job at Holy Cross. I mean, the main reason that I thought it was a good idea to move back to Amarillo in the first place was because Canyon was opening all of those new schools. After an amazing student teaching experience at Canyon, I REALLY WANTED TO WORK FOR CANYON ISD. But THAT just didn't happen. Then when the Holy Cross job opened and I went in for the interview, as I drove back to camp afterwards, I just had this feeling of, "I want to be here." Anyways, even then, when he told me I would teach Algebra 2, I was TERRIFIED. I was probably terrified of the high schoolers for at least the whole first week. Thankfully, I don't think they realized it. Then, this year when I had to teach seniors and dual credit- another challenge and more terror. But gratefully, when you work for someone that you know respects you and understands you, you have faith in what that person assigns you to do. I was also afraid that I was taking on too much, between the dual credit, PR, Student council, Academic competition, and "normal" teaching duties, I didn't think I could do it. Honestly, there may have been a few days when my classes didn't have a fantastic teacher everyday this spring, but luckily I had them "trained" and they knew what to do. Anyways, now here I am, next year will be my THIRD year at Holy Cross. Today, I shared my "weekend" experience with two of my high school classes. Next year, as of now at least, I believe that I'll be teaching my two geometry classes again (YEA), my dual credit class again (also YEA) and then 6th and 7th Math, I also believe that I'll be doing Student council and Academic Competitions, along with coordinating that trip to Italy and Greece. But I'm really excited. I hate the end of the year, but I LOVE THE START OF A NEW SCHOOL YEAR. It's odd how just talking about it, is making me excited. But we've already established the fact that I'm a nerd!!

Well, one thing that being at this school has done is encourage my organization, which has gone to Hell recently. I normally have my Semester Exams finished by the second week in May...I currently do not have them remotely close to being finished- and they are due in a I need to get to work on that. Exciting news, family is taking a vacation after school's out, going to San Antonio and Port Aransas. Even MY SISTER IS GOING!!! I'm so excited!! I just hope that I have all my stuffed packed up before then so I can come back and focus on camp and not on moving or something else! Another consequence of my ......distractions......but hey, at least my distraction is somewhat's not drugs or alcohol or something else that you can't come back from....although my behavior on Saturday may be difficult to come back from, it's not impossible. :)

ENJOY THE LAST 9 DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! (at least in this neck of the woods)

Until next time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does it move you?

Ok, it's been a long time since I've written a blog. I'm sure some of you have been wondering what the deal was. Unless you have a facebook, in which you case you know everything that I do. :)

Here is a playlist that I'm actually listening to right now. It is not 100% Hanson songs so never fear.. but it does include a few of my favorites. The people who have actually listened to their music without judging me for being lame have (I think) enjoyed listening to it. So push play, it should just keep playing the whole time you are reading the rest of my blog.

The last blog was written over Spring Break so just for the sake of record keeping, here's a cliff's note version of the past almost two months:

Drove to Austin 3 weekends in a row for state competitions, students earned a 3rd place in Art, 3rd place in Spelling, 6th place in Persuasive Speaking and in Current Events, and 3 students earned a 1st division at State Music contest. Flew to Fort Worth for another state competition- which we participated in!! My workout buddy left, which has been a bummer. I've been able to go like once a week since she left...maybe. Totally my fault not hers. I still have a job! I became completely obsessed with a really phenomenal band.

That's really the only part that I can "summarize" the rest will need explanation.

Okay, so first my obsession with Hanson. I'll try not to talk about this too much, mostly cause I feel a tad bit crazy. If I were talking to Betsy, she would tell me to "rein in the psycho Ted" and I'm going to do my best. So a BIG perk of traveling on all of those trips was the HOTEL ROOMS! King Size Beds all to myself and VH1 playing as loud as I want in the mornings. One of those days the video for "Give a Little" came on and I was FLOORED that it was Hanson, like the MMBop boys from junior high! Intrigued and having nothing else to do at all of these competitions, I started investigating whether this was a come back or just something I didn't know about. It turns out these guys have been making music for like the past 18 years, which considering they are like MY age, is NUTS! (Side note: I think that's Bobby's fascination, I mean they were six writing and playing their own music!!) Anyways, I slowly spiraled into the "HANSON VORTEX" bringing a few victims or guests with me along the way. My students are totally not having it though. Anyways, you should go check out some more of their stuff if you have any interest in the stuff I have posted. To pique your interest let me just say that they now have EIGHT KIDS between the three of them! NUTS!

So the reason I had to post my Hanson obsession is because there is actually a tangent that has sprung off this obsession. After a few days of listening to their music and interviews, I started thinking about stuff, like why I was so obsessed, on my way to school one day. And here's what I came up with:
     Some of you should know that I'm a sucker for music. I really don't know where it comes from, Nanny, mom, dad, or if it's just me. I started feeling like I was 13 years old again, and for a long time I thought it was because I was obsessed with a boy band from when I was 13, but then I realized that it was something else. It was the actual music that I was listening to and oddly enough that kind of made me sad. Now, granted I'm not really THAT old, but there have been TONS of changes in short 26 years I've been alive. Just look at computers and phones! But Hanson's music is not about going to the club or drugs or whatever. And I think, honestly kids are so bombarded with that stuff that it's just NUTS! I'm not trying to sound all preachy or whatever, but occassionally I get a little freaked out. I mean it is on my radar that someday, in the future, I may have offspring. I would like for those offspring to have some sort of childhood, that includes hopefully at least hints of innocence and happiness. As a kid, I was not aware of celebrities and all of their issues and problems. But instead of getting off on a tangent, I'll just say that Hanson's music is just that: music. Music that I'm not ashamed to play in my classroom, that I would probably play for Nanny and I honestly think she would enjoy. It's got good beats, rhythms and then when you actually listen to the words, there's some really nice stories that go along with them and the HARMONIES!! Now, as you can tell if you are listening to the playlist, I'm still a sucker for some good beats. But for now, my Hanson obsession is here to stay and now it's out there in cyberspace for all to know and read about.

Now for just a few notes to finish it out. Congratulations go out to my roommate Paula who got engaged since my last blog too! Very happy for her and Eric. Her news actually brings more news, cause the house I live in currently is Paula's......So, my plan is to "move in" with my parents for the summer, I mean I'm at camp for 90% of the summer so HOPEFULLY I can handle it. The tentative and hopefully actual plan after that is to find an apartment with the other roommate, Teresa, sometime around August. Also, I recently announced that I will be walking with my mom in the 3 day walk this November. The only catch is that I have to raise $2,300 before November. Don't let that overwhelm you being a math teacher, I crunched the numbers : There are about 353 of you reading this on facebook, if each of you donated just $6.50 I would reach my goal. So donate however much you can. Tell your friends to donate by clicking here and sharing the website with anyone you know. THANKS A BUNCH!
Now, I would like to tell you when I plan to blog again, but I just don't see that happening. I've got Student Council Elections next week, Mustang Fun Day the same week as finals, PLUS I'VE GOT TO MOVE MY CRAP out of here so I can go on vacation with my family! So until next time. If you ever feel like talking Hanson with me, just let me know. This blog just scratched the surface... :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, it's Spring Break here in Texas!! YEEHAW! (Not really, but it seemed like the right thing to say at the time...)  My brother is on his 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. It's turned into quite an ordeal. He left Amarillo Saturday night at about 11:30 and he's only been in DC for a couple of hours now. Poor kid got stuck in Dallas. But he's there now and I hope the rest of his trip goes great, he's missing out on the smithsonian, but i've always wanted to go back there since you only spend like 4 hours total to see the whole thing. So maybe we will go back one day as a family or something. After a two week hiatus, I finally made it back to the gym too. It was pretty great. I'm once again quite grateful for Kristi, cause I've wanted to go back to the gym, but I haven't actually wanted to go to the gym, you know what I mean. But having her to keep me accountable is pretty great; once I got to the gym and on the elliptical, I felt A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Great news, thanks to an "anonymous" comment on a previous blog (I'm fairly certan I know who it was...) I've joined Weight Watchers and I've been doing a good job of keeping track of my points. I even bought some healthy stuff on my last grocery trip, which I think shocked my roommates a little bit. I also am completed uninterested in drinking cokes at this point. I have been drinking lots of iced tea, water, milk- I actually bought this "almond milk" that's dark chocolate flavored, it's delicious and super healthy. So thanks to whomever suggested weight watchers, even though I haven't gone to the gym, I've still lost weight. If I were on the TV show, "The Biggest Loser" I would have, however, gone home a long time ago. I'm not shedding the pounds like they do, but I'm also afraid that if I don't transition this period of my life, it will be a diet and not a change. I don't tell people  that I'm on a diet, cause I don't see it that way. I'm realizing and acknowledging that I've lived an unhealthy lifestyle, not only because of my diet, but also financially. In fact, I've decided that I will not take any "personal" trips until I've gotten my self into a healthy place, that includes my debt paid off and my body in shape. So if you live somewhere besides Amarillo and you want to see me, then unfortunately for quite some time, you're going to have to come here. It's just not smart to not do something about it. If I want to have any kind of future, I have to stop living the way that I am.
One thing I was thinking about on the way home from the gym is growing. When I graduated from college, I had a "what you see is what you get" kind of attitude. I didn't feel like I was going to change who I was. Now, I realize that I'm still changing and growing and becoming a better person- who would have thought THAT was possible?!?! HAHAHAHA, I kid, I kid. But really, it's kind of cool the transition that I'm making. For example, two years ago, I was living in Midland and I was a "regular" at a restaurant, so much so that I didn't have to order, they just asked me if I wanted Tea or Dr. Pepper. (Yes, I really am THAT predictable.) Now, after returning to the gym after a two-week hiatus, the gym employee who usually works when I go in, remembered me and my gym number. How cool is that?!? I mean, out of who knows how many members, he remembered me, and I haven't been there in two weeks!! I just think that's a big difference!! One that I'm proud of!
Now for an update in other news:
We had 7 kids qualify for TAPPS STATE ACADEMIC & ART COMPETITION this last weekend in Dallas. For only having two weeks to prepare, our kids did WONDERFULLY!! We also came in third place!! Two 3rd place finishes for middle school and high school!! That's pretty great for our first year to compete in this things! Truthfully, I had so much fun organizing and coordinating it!! I wasn't a fan of the comments and "negative" feedback that I got from some of the staff, including one teacher telling me I was a "sucker" for volunteering for so much stuff. But I didn't do it for them, I honestly didn't even do it for me. I did it for the kids, to make sure that are getting more of a learning experience than I did. I'm also discovering that I really am NOT A PROCRASTINATOR!! Not at all, whatsoever!! I like having things done in advance, very far in advance!!
Well, I just bought "Blast from the Past" on iTunes so I guess I'm going to head to bed and watch it. I was thinking of it after watching "My Fair Lady." Hope everyone has a GREAT SPRING BREAK! I'll let you know how STATE competition goes, it's April 1st & 2nd in Austin! Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

Until next time....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wonder Years

I spent this evening reading a Koala book with my nephews, Andrew and Jakob. It was exactly what I needed this week. I've been so stressed with PSIA, TAPPS, well you guys have heard it all, but I just needed an hour or two to be Aunt Lizzy. On my way home, I started thinking about why I had so much fun just reading this Koala book with the boys. I think, partly, it reminded me of being a kid. I then started thinking about why I didn't remember how much I loved to learn things when I was younger. Then I thought this, "Teenage Years are spent forgetting good things about your childhood so you can have something to complain about and hate your parents for. So growing up must be the process of undoing your teenage years." I don't know if that's true or not, but that's my theory for the day. Of course, I don't really think I was your typical teenager. With Cassi a little nuts and Bobby just a baby, I immediately jumped into the middle child role, trying to make sure everyone was happy and keep the peace, well mostly at least. I never really hated mom like most teenage girls say they do, did I mom? I did however block out alot of the happy memories. Fighting with my sister, building Lego Land with my sister. We built a park one time out of miniature lego's that was really more like a mini-festival. We used our California Raisins and other "little people" to have a full attendance, including music and entertainment. I have a picture of it somewhere. I remember one of the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS I EVER RECIEVED. I hope you understand cause I can only describe it. I remember it was my fifth birthday, maybe sixth. It was a present that I got to open before everyone got there for some reason. But it was a book that had an electronic pen with it. I don't remember if the pen read the words or did something like that but I remember the feeling of excitement I had for that gift. So, I'm watching the kiddos for two days over spring Break and I talked to Cassi about taking the kids to the Science Spectrum in Lubbock. She said yes, so I told the kids before I left and I think they were excited. I mean those kids LOVE SCIENCE and this place has "over 200 exhibits on three floors" which caused Jakob to pretend to faint, haha. I remember Aunt Mary took Cassi and I to a couple of places like that down in Houston; we saw the butterfly exhibit and a dinosaur IMAX movie. So hopefully I get to take them to an IMAX movie too, but we'll have to see. So Tuesday I have a District Student Council Convention and Thursday and Friday we are driving a bus full of high school kids to the Dallas Cambridge School for District TAPPS competition. I'm really hoping our kids do AWESOME! OH, I also got news that Holy Cross came in THIRD AT PSIA THIS LAST WEEKEND!! There were about 7 schools participating so that's pretty GREAT!! For our first year, to get third place behind the two Lubbock schools that host these competitions every year. We beat St. Andrew's in Amarillo!! YEAH!!! Well, I now need to go grocery shopping. So I better wrap it up. Thanks for reading! HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK. LENT IS NEXT WEEK, SO BLESSINGS FOR A GOOD (??) LENTEN SEASON.
Until next time!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chasing Ducks

It has been a while since I've blogged, mostly cause I've been super busy. Don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being busy!! There's some saying about idle hands, and I'm not sure what it says, but that's me! My list of the school year has grown so just to recap: Student Council Sponsor, Public Relations Coordinator (I get a stipend for that), PSIA Campus Coordinator, served on the Open House Committee, and now I'm TAPPS Academic Campus coordinator; plus I'm teaching 3 Geometry classes (one of which is a chapter behind the other two), 7th Math, 8th PreAlgebra and Dual Credit Math (Trig this semester). Plus I am tutoring a Junior from another school for about three times a week, I am enrolled in an eight week Advanced Archery class at AC on Tuesday nights. I am a girl scout troop leader of a newly formed troop. We actually just recruited two new girls this week!! I've also been working out for more than a month now!! Anywho, I think it's interesting as I keep learning more about my self as I get older. I've always wanted to make good grades and get involved in lots of things when I was younger, but I also felt unorganized and disheveled. Even though I've spent a large portion of my life as a procrastinator, I've learned that in reality, I'm not a procrastinator. Many of you who know me, that either haven't worked with me in a while, are probably reading this thinking that I'm trying to make myself sound better off....but after this week, I know this to be true. Some things happened with the TAPPS Academic competition so I've sort of taken over it this week. Let me just say I like to keep my "ducks in a row" cause I'm not very good at chasing ducks! hahahaha! (I came up with that on my way to Lubbock this evening) Alright well, I was going to blog about more, but I'm going to go ahead and call this one finished cause I need to get up early in the morning. Thanks for reading!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Would you like bacon with that?

From the looks of it, 2011 is going to be the year of the blog, even though it has nothing to do with my resolution this year. But I can't help it, I'm feeling inspired and need to blog so that when I lose my workout buddy I can come back and read this and stay pumped, or even the next cold front that comes in....
So, I'm sure most of you remember when I committed to losing weight and get in shape about a year and a half ago. At the time it was all to complete the main goal of joining the Air Force and becoming an officer. I don't think that I have completely discounted that option, it just isn't the main focus of my life right now, the Air Force not the weight loss. First of all, I'm hoping that those of you who count yourself as my "loyal readers," I'm hoping that you're reading this without judgement or disdain. I'm going to share some facts that at the current moment, only like 3 people know. I'm not sure where the inspiration is coming from, but I feel like withholding the information is only giving it power and I have to take back the power in order to become a better version of myself. Before I started my "weight loss journey" back in the fall of 2009, I never thought about calories, especially when I lived by myself in Midland and had to fend for myself and found the most fabulous Mexican Food restaurant that ever lived. I believe that the Spring of 09 was when I was my heaviest and I weighed 276 pounds. I'm thankful that I moved home when I did, it brought me out of the "whole"- so to speak. Last summer, at the beginning of camp I weighed in at 235, which is not a bad chunk of weight loss, if I do say so myself. After a summer of not working out like I planned and going on a cruise and then a fall without motivation, and of course the dreaded holidays, I have to say I'm not terribly upset that my current weight is 244. I'm not really proud of these numbers, in fact I'm ashamed of them, but like I said, the shame was giving my weight more power than it needed. Being the fat girl doesn't define who I am, as I discussed in the last blog- I have no definition. :) Anyway, I skipped going to the gym on Monday and Tuesday cause of the crazy cold we have here. THANK GOD FOR KRISTI! A snow storm at the end of last January is exactly what derailed my workouts last January. I just left the gym and it felt great. When we first started, about 3 weeks ago, I HATED THE ELLIPTICAL, in fact I convinced Kristi to use the treadmill for our warm up for the first week and a half. Now, I do 30 minutes every night and tonight I made my best time!! I made it to a mile in under 18 minutes! I know that doesn't sound super exciting, especially to you runners out there who run 18 miles in like 4 hours...but this whole time I've made it to a mile at 20, 19 and even made it exactly at 18 minutes once, but tonight I was kicking ass and I made it to 17:45 (I know it was just 15 seconds shy, but it was EPIC, well not epic but eventful! lol) I don't know if it's the gym, my super happy workout buddy or WHAT but this time feels even better than last time. I think last year I just expected things to be so much easier and when they weren't, I got disappointed and quit. But, not to sound all "cheesy" on you, but it's a journey. It really is. I've given myself "free days," one day a week where I don't think about calories, or the gym or anything so that I don't become overloaded with the concept of a DIET! I make sure not to like empty the pantrys on this day cause I know that it takes 30 minutes to burn 300 calories on the elliptical and that shit is hard. Anyway, I know it's just three weeks, but I'm feeling really positive about my outcomes. I think also it comes from a revelation I had this week while watching the Biggest Loser. Thank GOD that I did not get into the 3- or 4-hundred pound range!!! I told Kristi the other day that even if working out only results in me NOT GETTING fatter, I am going to be ok with it.
Oh before I forget, I have to explain my blog title. It's something I sometimes leave open for the reader to interpret as they wish, however this one warrants a story, which may not actually be as funny as is in my head, but it's a good story. (yes, I know that was a HORRIBLE run-on sentence) Tonight at Young Adults, Bryan was talking about the difference between being Involved and Dedicated. He said "A chicken is involved in breakfast, however a pig is dedicated because there's sacrifice involved." My immediate reply to this was "Is he asking us to eat bacon?" That got a nice little chuckle. I kept bringing up bacon during the night. Now I think it actually really fits cause you don't want to be a chicken and invest an hour a day at the gym you have to BE DEDICATED and give up time, energy and food to become a better version of yourself!!!
I think I have to call it quits now. I have early morning duty and it's getting closer to one am. Okay, I'm having a hard time hitting publish cause this is kind of a vulnerable post but I have to stop giving my weight too much credit for being the person that I am, good or bad.  So, until NEXT TIME :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Payment Pending

Before I forget- this is my 50TH BLOG POST!! Whoa! That's kind of crazy, right? I'm starting on year number three and I'm already on blog post number fifty! I would like to say that I didn't really expect to make it to fifty, but I didn't really have any expectations when I started this blog! I kind of feel like having a party in honor of number 50, kinda like TV shows and they're 100th episode....

So this blog is going to be part insight, part update. I think I'm going to go with insightful first, just so I don't lose any of them...and I think they are pretty good insights, so I hope you'll read them :)

Let the insightfulness begin!
This past weekend I finished a book titled "New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance," by Elna Baker. I saw the book over the holidays while I was shopping, but I wasn't shopping for myself. When I picked it up, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I started the book at 10 o'clock or so on Saturday night and after sleeping a couple of hours or so and going to the gym on Sunday morning, I was finished with the book by Sunday afternoon. I will say that I've never related to a character, real or fictional as much as I did to Elna Baker, a chubby Mormon girl who had spent most of her childhood being the funny girl. I don't want you to think this is some sentimental journey of a "fat girl" losing weight, it was REALLY FUNNY. Just to give you an example of the book's humor, when Elna was preparing to go to college at NYU, her very conservative mother gave her some advice to prepare her for life in the liberal and asked her what she would do "if a lesbian asked her to make out?" Elna responded, "I'd thank you, lesbian.." hahaha. There are many stories like this in the book, and I would highly recommend it, but don't take my word for it. So now for the insights. There's a part in the book where she is discussing soul mates with a friend and her friend says, "I don't believe in fate. You just find someone who likes the same things as you. You just don't know what you like. (or that you like too many things)" I had to paraphrase. This part of the book really hit home with me. I declared several years ago, although it was an internal declaration, that as a youth I was a "people-pleaser." I came to this conclusion when I started to think about the music I liked as a youth, basically sixth grade and younger, was the music choice of those around me. I don't know if it was out of fear or lack of self confidence, but I was never willing to express my opinion around my friends. Working at Girl Scout Camp was the catalyst that brought me out of my shell, although sometimes I feel like I'm just playing a part. I've always found it odd that I can't choose a favorite type of music, color, type of movie, nothing. I also don't have that ONE PASSION. I don't know if having a passion is a myth, but I've never been able to say, "If I could do one thing the rest of my life, it would be...." I like trying new things, learning new things, listening to new types of music. I'm very open-minded about my experiences I guess you could say. I've also never felt that you could "classify" me or "group" me with people. You know, I'm a nerd, but I'm not a nerd that sits around and "dreams about a faster computer" (to quote a friend). I'm wild and crazy, but I'm not one of those wild and crazy people that you always assume is either on something or off medication. I like listening to Rock music, but I'm not about to apply for "Rock of Love." I like watching/playing sports, but I'm not really a "sports fanatic." I could come up with more examples, but hopefully at this point you have caught my drift. For most of my life, I've compared myself to others and thought how do some of these people find their "soul mate." One thing that hasn't changed, I still find it odd that I'm 26 (and 1/2) and have never had a boyfriend or dated anyone. But I've never really felt like the dating type. They say opposites attract, and I don't know that you could have the "opposite of me." I guess some would say that I need to define myself, but I think giving myself a definition is boring. I don't want to be stuck in one category. The problem is that I'm either in all of them or none of them.  I'm not really sure what that means for me. I guess the only thing I can do is be happy with the way my life is, single or not, defined or not. Or decide that it's not the right way to life and give my life "definition" or "classification." I just don't feel like that's something I should have to do. I mean it's not like choosing a cereal brand or what kind of car you want to drive. In some ways, this book has almost made me more confused with who I am, yet utterly content with the person that I've become!!

Now for a news update in the ridiculous life of Lizzy. First, I made the official announcement today, but since I'm leading a group with EF tours, they have international training tours for first time leaders in Paris, Rome, Beijing and Madrid. I've chosen, and signed up for, the training in Paris over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm really excited about it. Second, this week I "officially" became a girl scout leader, now I just have to get enough girls to sign up. My niece and sister are both pretty excited about it. I think that's about it for right now. I've been working out for almost two weeks and I'm really enjoying it!! In fact, it's time to go to the gym now. So I better sign off. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Legolas does everything right

Well, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, but I'm feeling much better now. We have a Student Council function this Friday and Saturday and our PSIA campus competition is next weekend. I've been panicking on having enought people for it, but luckily I've guilted some of my students in to helping and some of the teachers and parents have come through. I was standing in the office this afternoon with my two main administrators. They asked if I was in charge of tomorrow night's function and then asked if I was in charge of Saturday night's function, of course this was after I had asked a couple of questions about PSIA. So then one of them said, "Is there something you're not in charge of?" We all kind of laughed, and I said "I would say that I'm going to stop saying yes to things, but that's just not going to happen." The response I got to that made all of the stuff I've been doing worth it, "No, you're not going to stop saying yes. You're a good person and a hard work and we appreciate it." It's nice to know that people notice my hard work, of course, that's not why I do it. I couldn't tell you why, but I just do. I'm also really excited about starting to work out again. I couldn't tell you what happened but I just lost it. I've got a workout buddy now and I'm joining the new gym in town "Planet Fitness." I've got a Tuesday night class starting this next week that I'm really excited about. It's the "Traditional Archery II" class at Amarillo College taught by Ken, the same guy that taught me like 6 or 7 years ago. Also, for anyone interested, I will be hosting the first "Dance Party" next Saturday night after PSIA campus competition is finished. I've got to start putting my playlist together, so if you think you're coming you better put in your requests early. No limits- as long as it has a good beat!! Alright, I'm done for now, gotta get ready for Young Adults. Can't believe you got two blogs in one week!!
Until next time :)
PS I don't feel like proofreading so, sorry about the mistakes. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering

I know, I know! It's been 2011 for a whole week and I haven't blogged yet. I decided to take a week "reflecting" on my resolutions, goals and plans for 2011. This year, I think my resolutions will be different from years past, but instead of comparing them for you, I'll just share them with you now. (As you know making them public puts more pressure on me to actually fulfill them and 2010 was year number 3 of 3 (I think) to follow my new year's resolution!) Also let me say that these aren't in any particular order, mostly.

I resolve to help those around me each day. I acknowledge that this may mean something different each day, but whether it means being a listener, an advocate, a friend, a court jester, a lunch date or a movie date, I will do my best to improve the lives of those around me. For it is by those around me that my life is improved or detoriated.

I resolve to maintain the recommended visits with all health professionals, eye doctor, general doctor and anyone else that is recommended to me. For without my health I have nothing.

I resolve to participate in the sacrament of confession on a regular basis. Cleansing of the soul is just as important as cleansing of the body. Plus, I think there are some bad spiritual habits that I need to break and confessing them on a regular basis may help me break them.

I resolve to be less dependent on technology. I've already begun by turning my phone OFF, not just on silent, during meetings and church. I'm hoping as the year progresses I start to spend full DAYS with my phone completely OFF. This also includes no texting while driving, no one I know, including myself, is THAT important.

I resolve to not be afraid to say "NO." In the first week of the new semester I've volunteered for TWO committees, in addition to the FOUR extracurricular activities I already assist with and I've also taken on another class. I realize that I do not have to be in charge of EVERYTHING and that (for the most part) there are other capable people out there that can do the job just as well (almost) as I can. This also includes saying no to go spending money when I don't have it.

I resolve to host a Dance Party in my living room at least once a month. Nothing feeds the soul or self confidence like listening to some great, and maybe not-so-great, music while looking like a fool. "You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth." — William W. Purkey. You are invited if you promise to participate without judgement. :)

I resolve to stick with my past new year's resolutions throughout this year. I will be maintaining this blog as a way of staying in contact with those of you that I've deemed important to my life for whatever reason. I will be reading at least one new book a month, and not just the equivalent of one book a month. Reading should help put me to sleep and if I'm not finding time to read even one chapter every other day, then I need to reassess my priorities.

Even though I said these were in no particular order, this last one is my favorite and the one I look forward to reflecting on at the end of this year:

I resolve to become the BEST possible version of myself that I can be every day and taking steps to ensure that nothing is prohibiting me from becoming that version of myself. This includes my health, happiness, relationships and the legacy that I will leave behind one day, if I don't want it shared at my funeral one day, then I shouldn't be doing it. This also includes overcoming failures and missteps that could cause me to give up completely. I will not allow anything to stop me from being the BEST "Elizabeth/Lizzy/Aunt Lizzy/Teddy" that I KNOW I CAN BE.

 Well, there's my resolutions and goals for the year of 2011. I look forward to sharing with you the plans and progress throughout the year. I feel blessed to have a group of friends and family as fantastic as all of you reading this now. When I started this blog two years ago I didn't think I would ever have anything to write about, and then when I found things to right about, I didn't think anyone would actually read this. And even though I'm  LONG WAY from becoming a Blockbuster movie, you should all start thinking about who should play you in a made for TV movie. Of course my life isn't cheesy enough for Lifetime, I don't live on a farm so there goes Hallmark channel and I'm certainly not hip enough for MTV, so we'll have to wait until we find the right market. :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR (a little late...)