Thursday, January 13, 2011

Legolas does everything right

Well, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, but I'm feeling much better now. We have a Student Council function this Friday and Saturday and our PSIA campus competition is next weekend. I've been panicking on having enought people for it, but luckily I've guilted some of my students in to helping and some of the teachers and parents have come through. I was standing in the office this afternoon with my two main administrators. They asked if I was in charge of tomorrow night's function and then asked if I was in charge of Saturday night's function, of course this was after I had asked a couple of questions about PSIA. So then one of them said, "Is there something you're not in charge of?" We all kind of laughed, and I said "I would say that I'm going to stop saying yes to things, but that's just not going to happen." The response I got to that made all of the stuff I've been doing worth it, "No, you're not going to stop saying yes. You're a good person and a hard work and we appreciate it." It's nice to know that people notice my hard work, of course, that's not why I do it. I couldn't tell you why, but I just do. I'm also really excited about starting to work out again. I couldn't tell you what happened but I just lost it. I've got a workout buddy now and I'm joining the new gym in town "Planet Fitness." I've got a Tuesday night class starting this next week that I'm really excited about. It's the "Traditional Archery II" class at Amarillo College taught by Ken, the same guy that taught me like 6 or 7 years ago. Also, for anyone interested, I will be hosting the first "Dance Party" next Saturday night after PSIA campus competition is finished. I've got to start putting my playlist together, so if you think you're coming you better put in your requests early. No limits- as long as it has a good beat!! Alright, I'm done for now, gotta get ready for Young Adults. Can't believe you got two blogs in one week!!
Until next time :)
PS I don't feel like proofreading so, sorry about the mistakes. :)

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