Friday, September 28, 2012

It's been a while

So quite a bit has happened lately and I realized that I haven't blogged in 4 months, so ta-da: A BLOG!
I've just about spent a two whole weeks at my "new home" and I have to say that God is good! I knew it was time for me to move out of mom and dad's. My debts were MUCH lower than they were a year and a half ago. In fact my car is dangerously close to being paid off!! As is my credit card debt, thanks to dads awesome generosity and assistance! So in August I researched lots of apartments and picked one out. Put in my application and paid my deposit and waited for September 22nd to come around. However, I wasn't really excited about the apartment. The only preparation I had made was to call my insurance to make sure I had renters insurance when I moved in. So the week before move in date, a friend of mine from Young Adults posted that she really needed a roommate and the rent would be cheaper than my apartment. At first I just thought it was bad timing, I mean I already had an apartment. But after talking to my dad about it, I realized that it was worth losing my deposit to save money each month. So I met with Elizabeth, her middle name is the same too, I'm sure the mailman just thinks that she is a secret agent and is getting mail for her spy self at her house now. Anyway, it was great. The room was much bigger than any room I had lived in for a while. So it was decided. My only hesitation was that after living with all of those people (my family) again, I was really looking forward to living alone. But after my first weekend in the house with Elizabeth out of town, I was very grateful for the company on Monday. So now Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Daisy May take turns cooking dinner and watching Grey's anatomy and other shows. Well, daisy doesn't cook, but I do which may shock a few of you! But it's true and it's not horrible!! Lol.
But I have a new address if any of you would like to send me something! So far I've received something from my insurance and that's it.
The other good news is that it's October!! It's one of my favorite months to teach and work in school. It's when students finally start acting like the students that I want them to be instead of the students that they were. I also don't have a whole lot of extracurricular stuff going on, so I have time to hang out with people and go to Young Adults. It's also when I volunteer for more things cause I'm so bored; my spring self really hates that. But I also have a chance to catch up on shows that I didn't see in the spring and read books that I haven't read. This October is really exciting cause my cousin Todd is getting married. I've been to 3 family weddings, with the exception of my sister's. I was 15 at the first one, 18 at the next and 25 at my cousin Duke's wedding. This is the first Pace family wedding where I will be 21+ and I could basically add "Weddings" to my resume because I've gone to so many!! So I'm pretty excited!! Plus it's in Fredericksburg so I'm going down early to visit with people. Betsy lives in Austin and Rachel just moved to San Antonio so I've got lots of options to entertain myself in my free time!!
Well, it's Friday so I'm going to get lunch today so I better jet! This was fun. We should do this again sometime soon. :)