Friday, December 25, 2009

Elvis was right..sort of

Well, I hadn't planned on blogging again before Christmas-but I'm stuck at work until 9 and I need to do something besides the word searches I got this morning to keep my mind off of it. :) The one thing, besides not wanting to be bankrupt, that keeps me from not quitting this job on a monthly basis is a quote by Dave Ramsey "Live like no one else now, so that you can live like no one else later." I just don't want to lose touch with people to the point that there's not much of a life to live later on in life, you know what I'm saying? Cause Dave's saying (in case you're not familiar with him) you work 3 jobs or whatever you have to do to get out of debt NOW so that when you're older you're not in debt and you have money and you can buy that RV and travel across America. I'm just worried that at this rate, it really is going to be just me, alone in that RV, taking pictures of myself HAHA. So yes, I'm being a little dramatic and exaggerating just a bit, but so what, that's what I do :) I got Pizza a couple of weeks ago, and I realized, after noticing how strange it was to give the name "Lizzy" for the order, that it's been a LONG ass time since I've hung out with someone that I didn't know from work or wasn't related to me. No, I'm not asking you all to start calling me Lizzy. Now, yes I did just get back from an AMAZING trip to Austin. So much fun! I don't know, as I'm sitting here typing this, I feel like I'm being REALLY over dramatic, but you know what- I DON'T CARE. All right, I'm over my little tantrum about having to work today. I'm just partially mad that I didn't sign up for the morning shift, and a little peeved that I couldn't find a public school job so that I wouldn't have to be working a second job right now....Also a little miffed that in about 10 minutes, my family is about to sit down for Christmas dinner, and for the very first time EVER in my whole life, I'm not there.. And I'm also mad in anticipation of the fact that I will stay until 9 for no reason. If I'm staying cause the family HONESTLY can't come in before like 8:30, then sure I get it, but I'm staying just in case they can't make it. Let me also take this opportunity to share my thoughts on this with you, and I would like to begin by saying "Sorry if I offend you" and I know mom and dad already know this cause I told them this morning, but when I die, I do not want you to come visit me in a funeral home. I do not want you to sit around "me" and talk about me. Sure come to the service, but then go away. Go have a drink (or 2 or 4..), Go volunteer, Go to church and say a rosary or some other prayer.

Well, that certainly turned into a big honking, bitch fest. I'm postponing posting this, cause no one needs to read this kind of stuff on Christmas Day. So Happy New Year!

UPDATE (12/29): So I got off work, well technically I closed at like 7:55, but I don't think it really mattered since it was CHRISTMAS day. I made it to mom and dad's in time to watch the nephews, niece and Cassi open their presents from me- they were all hits! :) Then I sat and ate leftovers while my sister talked. I have to say, what I thought was turning out to be a really crappy Christmas, turned into one, where I felt very blessed. For my sister to call me at work, and be like "When are you getting off? When will we see you?" and then, well, I really don't know how to explain it, but I guess maybe I could say that it was nice to be missed.
Plus, I've put some perspective on my previous thoughts. I do have friends, and we do hang out, just not as often as when I first moved back, but that makes me appreciate it more. I'll never forget one day I was at girl scout camp and the weather was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, slight breeze, about 65-70 degrees, blue skies. I was probably wearing jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops :)and a couple was out there and I made the comment, "Isn't this such a beautiful day? I wish EVERYDAY could be like this," and the man said "Yes, but then we wouldn't appreciate it would we?" I don't know that I ever thought of it that way, I mean think about it, if everything was always good or happy, we would take it for granted. Just look at those spoiled kids on "Sweet 16" or whatever. I was thinking about stuff this morning that I was going to add to this blog, but it seems unimportant after this last paragraph. So instead I say to you, Thank you for being a part of my life, even if your only part is reading this blog. I wish you a blessed 2010. While making your resolutions, don't only think of yourself. Instead, think of what you can do to improve your life so that you may help others. - I know, I'm not sure where all these great thoughts are coming from, but I think it has to do with a year of blogging. Are you ready for another year? -

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who knew?!?

So to start off, lately I've really been missing my "Midland Family." They literally were my family and friends for 2 whole years, and it's been so wierd not seeing them at all! I had really hoped to visit them more, but with only 2 personal days and not a whole lot of cash, it just hasn't been possible. Well, after this evening, I'm reminded of why exactly I decided to move back to Amarillo. My brother had a jr. high christmas concert for band this evening- and I've NEVER made it to one of his concerts! So tonight, it turned out that I was able to go! Even though, they only played 2 songs, it was REALLY GREAT! I even got a button with his picture on it! The fun part really came afterwards when we went out to dinner with some other folks, friends of the family and such (they have kids the same age as Bobby.) Anywho, it was FUN!

Ok, so it's now like a week later and I'm finally coming back to finish the blog...(Sorry Neon)

Unfortunately I've forgotten what else I was going to blog about that day- I know it was good, but the moments passed.

I said I had some lists to blog and so I do. The first is ideas for resolutions for 2010 (FYI- no matter what the resolution- I WILL KEEP BLOGGING ............. ....................... ....................... ................. ...................... ............... okay you can stop cheering now so I can make my lists :)

1. Read at least one NEW BOOK a month and blog about it, without giving any endings away of course. I think this will help add balance to my reading habits, plus help my vocabulary for the AFOQT.

2. Write a letter instead of an email when I think of a friend. I like this one because I've been wanting to get a REAL ADDRESS BOOK [*CHRISTMAS IDEA*] and keep track of people's addresses, phone numbers and birthdays instead of relying on Facebook to do it for me. Plus it's an adult thing to have.

3. Perform at least one Random act of kindness a month and encourage my students to do the same. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this one regardless of what other idea I choose...

So I had other ideas, but as usual, I've forgotten them. But in brainstorming, I've just gone back to the myspace blog I typed on Monday, Jan 19th of this year. It was what I called "pre-reflections" I will now add my reflections and reflect on my "pre-reflections" (that sentence makes me feel like Mark Reinart...haha)

Excerpt from Myspace Blog "Pre-reflections"

1. Maintain a realistic, stable budget for at least 8 months.
2. Create and Maintain a realistic, healthy, fun fitness plan
3. Have an organized apartment.
4. Have an organized classroom.
6. Go on a REAL date (You know the kind where you get all dressed up and the boy picks you up and you eat or watch a movie or play miniature golf or something. Yeah, i've never been on one of those before...)
7. Plan and save money for a REAL vacation (You know with friends/family and sightseeing and a hotel, plane trip and/or cab ride- I don't really care where either. I'd actually consider going alone with some good books and a camera..)
8. Acknowledge and CELEBRATE every birthday of friends, family or strangers!
9. Pay off my Visa Card.
10. Play on a softball team (Anybody down??)
11. Make a difference in at least ONE person's life in some way.
12. Perform at least 8 Random Acts of Kindness.
13. Put together photo albums of ALL of my pictures.
14. Have a Kick-Ass 25th Birthday Party! All of you are invited!!!!
15. Decrease at least 3 Sizes


  1. I DID IT! YEAH and on my new salary, that's impressive...
  2. Sort of. It's created but my nutrition plan is maintained!!
  5. In PROGRESS (come on, you can't be surprised by those 3...)
  6. Still No, but really, it's a non-issue for me. A) I don't have time or money B) I'm hopefully going to be moving away in a year or two to join the USAF C)I'm too damn independent
  7. Yeah, that's not going to happen on this salary. Although I will be going to Michigan in May for Duke's wedding AWESOME!
  8. I think I did that, may have slacked during the summer, but I'm back on track now- sorry if I missed you- Happy Belated Birthday!
  9. Hopefully...........someday
  10. This year for sure- Young Adults? ANYONE? haha
  11. I'd like to think so.......
  12. Unfortunately, didn't happen but I've changed it to work this year
  13. Couldn't afford it, have the albums though..
  14. Um, did I? Oh, I was in Keller- that was pretty kick ass! and I did go to a Ranger's game!

The last one actually brings me to my next thought. I'm in need of a little competition. Not to say that I can't do it on my own, I just think it will be more fun if I have someone to compete with as I prepare to join the air Force. So if anyone would like to compete or if you have any ideas on how to set up my own "biggest loser" sort of thing- comment, email, text, write, whatever. Thanks :)

OH, on a personal note, little announcement: my classes are changing next semester to focus solely on Math. I'm trading my Advance Science class for an 8th grade Pre-Algebra class so that I can help more middle school students in my Math Mastery class. I'm not giving myself anytime to think about the stuff that I was planning to do with the science kids cause- well I'm not a robot and I'll get a little Emotional...I am getting excited about the Math Mastery class though! It'll give me a chance to help some struggling students and I already have all KINDS of ideas- thanks partly to the Math intervention we did at Jones last year. Plus, I've had one kid in there and he's gotten a little lazy. Adding kids in there should help that.

So, I'm halfway through Semester Tests- so far so good- which means I'm almost halfway through my first year at the new school. I've got to say while I miss EVERYONE AT JONES A WHOLE, WHOLE LOT, I feel very blessed. So thanks to all of you who have contributed to that blessed feeling this past year. I know it's been tough for a lot of you. I hope I've helped you as much as you have me. I hope shared blessings are continued with all of us. OKay, I think you guys get the point...there, right? "I love you. I'm thankful for you. I hope you're thankful for me" You'll probably get one more blog before the year is over, just cause I'll be sitting at home for like a week and I don't have enough money to do anything else BUT sit at home but I won't be able to blog in the next ten days so .. Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello, I'm sorry that it's already the 2nd of December and I haven't blogged yet! I don't want to keep the readers waiting! I have had a very interesting December already! So let me start by telling you about today!

A couple of weeks ago, our school librarian told me she had been looking through an old Alamo Catholic High School yearbook from the 60's and found an "Elizabeth Pace" and wanted to know if I was related to her. Well I knew that I was named after my grandma, but what I didn't know was that she worked there when my dad and aunt went there. Well, I forgot about it for a while, until today I asked her if I could look at it. It turns out it was from 1968, my dad's senior year and aunt's 8th grade year. So I found one picture of my grandma, a couple of my dad- one of which he is hanging off a horse sideways playing baseball, and a few of my Aunt Mary.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great, but I took them with my iPhone, from a yearbook, so...

Well, the fun didn't stop there today! I was hanging out in the office this afternoon and our superintendent, Bernice Noggler, was in there along with another lady, Darla Mueller, who's helping us with our accreditation. I've talked to Darla a couple of times before cause she's often there in the afternoons when I have an off period- but I'm getting sidetracked, that's not the point of this story. So, as Bernice was leaving she asked me which Pace's I belonged to. I hestitated thinking, "Oh goodness, should I just say I'm not Sam's daughter," but before I could answer she said, "Because we used to have some Pace's over at St. Laurence." I said, "Oh yeah, that's us. Donald and Elizabeth are my grandparents. David is my dad." "Oh yes, I knew them." Well she got a little distracted but I don't meet many people who knew grandma and grandpa so I brought it back around and said, "So you knew my grandma and grandpa?" She said, "Oh yes, I even taught a couple of the Pace's." I named my aunts and uncles and just had to look like a big dork cause I had a huge smile the whole time she was talking. So I explained to her why I was so interested, that grandma had passed away 2 weeks before I was born and grandpa when I was just a year and a half, so I always like to hear things about them. She said "Well, I'll tell you something. If you wanted to know who it was that supported that school (ACHS) and did it well back in those days, people would say the Pace's and (she named a bunch of other names, but I don't remember any of them now- sorry). Those people worked hard to support the school and their children. Not many people do that now, but those people did and your grandma and grandpa were some of those people." (!!!!!!!!!!!!) How cool is that? I always love to hear nice things about my family, and most especially the ones that aren't around anymore.
On to other things, Thanksgiving was pretty good, it was my first "official adult Thanksgiving." The last couple of years we've gone to either Dallas or Houston, so even though I lived on my own, it was unofficial. But this year, since we didn't go anywhere, it was official. It was cool. I know it's not really that big of a deal. I didn't have to stay AT my parents' house, but I got to see them. Oh, except, I let my sister talk me into going shopping on Black Friday. We ended up going to Toys R Us at Midnight which was Madness! Left there after standing in line for 1 and 1/2 hours, to go wait in line at Kohl's so we could be there for their 4 am opening! Which was also madness, people were RUNNING through the store! We left there about 6 am and all went home and went to bed! Did I mention that I hadn't taken a nap all day and my sister worked the Thanksgiving day from about 5:30 am to 7:30 pm? Oh yeah, we were exhausted! Well, when I woke up, I decided to go to Target cause that's where I REALLY wanted to go! And I'm glad I did cause I got almost all of my shopping done after that! Plus it wasn't nearly as crazy nor was I quite as tired!
Well, I don't really have much else to say right now. My next blog will be a few lists that I'm going to share, one of which is a list of ideas for NEXT year's resolution! :)
Have a delightful December! I hope you are staying Warm- wherever you may be :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello, everyone! I know what you might be thinking, "Another blog? Already? We just got one??" but it's almost the end of the year and I'm super proud that I've had another year of sticking to at least one of my main resolutions ALL YEAR!! I'm also happy that the resolution has meant staying in closer contact with all of the wonderful people that I am blessed to call my friends and family! (Just in case you didn't know last year's was to send an email at least once a month and this year it was to blog at least once a month, and while I haven't been able to blog EVERY month, It's the eleventh month and this is blog #19 or #20 I think averaged out...)
I have to take just a minute to brag on my students. I took my Advance Science class (Seven 7th and 8th graders) to Texas Tech this weekend to compete in the Math & Science Competition and they represented our school very well! As newcomers to the competition, I knew it would be tough, but out of more than 300 middle and high school kids I had 2-Third Place Ribbons, 1-Fourth place ribbon, and one of my students was part of the 2nd place engineering design team!! It was a great day and it even induced an excellent conversation about college today in class!!

A few of you have asked about how things are going with my whole trek to join the Air Force so I thought I'd give you an update on that. I've lost 10 pounds since I've started, unfortunately my workout program is not what I want it to be, but I'm keeping the eating part in check, which for me really has been the biggest struggle. So I'm proud of that! When I don't have papers to grade or a class to substitute, then I go for a walk around the school. On the AFOQT side of things, the part I'm most worried about is the verbal part so I've added a few free apps on my phone that are vocabulary related. I just decided as I was typing this that I should probably also expand my reading library and start reading other things besides the Twilight books--MAYBE!! :) I've also been playing this stupid game on my iPhone that's helping with the Visual Relationships part, unfortunately it's very addictive, but it's a game that I can practice over and over and keep getting better at it, so I am a nerd and I will.
On another note, I'm getting ready for my first set of semester exams. I'm really nervous for me and my students. I also had to sign up to work Christmas night at the funeral home, which is sad, but it's money so I have to buy Christmas presents somehow right? I also have some shifts covered so that I can go to Austin as soon as school's out! Well, that's really all I have for now. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November! Nice!

I just want to start out by saying that it was really hard to pick a title for this blog, I'm really hoping I come up with something better than "November! Nice!" before I finish typing this thing, but I like for it to be, oh what's the word, where the words start with the same letter, like "Super Sunday" or "Terrific Thursday" anyway, November is a hard month to do that with, I was going to choose narly, until I found out it was actually spelled that left nice...ANYWAY!
Well it's been about a month since I've started my "Air Force" diet, starting two new things at the same time became complicated and I was worried I would bail on the whole thing, so I've really been focusing on the diet and nutrtion part the last couple of weeks, but now I'm ready to get back on track with the excercise. I even made out a work out schedule earlier today. I'm going to start using some of those workout videos that I have, using a different workout each day. I'm also really going to make an effort to continue the walks I take during my conference period at school. My excitement about joining the Air Force, though it hasn't been at full force this whole time, is back at a high point after sharing the news with my dad's godmother, whom I might as well call Grandma Bernetta. I took her to the Umbarger Sausage Festival today so we had some time to talk in the car ride, so I told her. It was really nice to see the look of...pride, I think, on her face. I started thinking alot about Nanny after that- as I usually do during the month of November, with it both being the month of remembering the dead and her birthday. I started wondering what her face would look like when I told her and what kind of things we would talk about. How she would encourage me and give me advice the way no one else could, usually ending with us laughing about something. So, my point, which I have, is that in honor of Guinlyn Ann Stanford, aka Nanny, or my mother's mother, I'm going to kick November's ass- in a really positive great way. I'm getting things done, just this afternoon, that I've been putting off for awhile. I even have plans to have my apartment "shindig-ready" in time for a Christmas gathering of the friends, so be thinking of a date friends. Also each Saturday and/or Sunday I will be training with my iPhone app "Couch to 5K" not sure where or when each time, but anyone in the Amarillo Area is more than welcome to come along with me. Teresa and I had a great time the last time we went. Oh- I almost forgot something. So since my last blog and the big annoucement, I've been doing lots of research on Air Force OTS (duh, I'm a nerd that's what we do, right?) Well, I found an Air Force OTS Forum, where people who are applying, have applied or have completed and their families kind of share their thoughts, ideas, whatever. Well, I've found something out that kind of affects my "plan-ish" that I posted last time. I knew that I had to take the AFOQT and the Fitness Test. I found out that I have to submit a packet of stuff to the Selection Boards, either rated (pilots) or non-rated, including test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement and some other stuff. Well, they only have like so many boards a year and I'd probably have to wait until the Fall non-rated board to submit my stuff, and I've found out that sometimes, after being accepted, people wait like 7-10 months before they actually start OTS, so it's going to be a long process, but as Bernetta said today "It'll be worth it!" So I have quite a few great things on the horizon. I'm taking my Advance Science class to Texas Tech this weekend for a Math/Science/Engineering competition, please pray for us, I'm nervous about that. Next week is the St. Mary's Turkey Dinner and the premiere of New Moon- which for anyone who is laughing at this, because you haven't read the books, shut up and read the books! I haven't met anyone, no matter age, gender or occupation, that hasn't read the books and enjoyed them! So why aren't you enjoying them? Then of course it's Thanksgiving, which may be my favorite Holiday! Combine food, family, friends, football and board games- oh Hell yeah! I'm excited about the end of the semester, cause it means I get to go to Austin and see Betsy!! (which may also include a brief stop in Midland to see my wonderful friends that I miss!) Then it's time for a new year! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! I'm really ready to just knock the crap out of the end of this year, and I hope you know that I mean that in a really positive way!
I just want to end 2009 feeling fine!
[Do you see what I did there? you may need to read that last sentence out loud so you can be in on my little joke :) ]
Thanks for reading! I just want to end on this quick little note: I really hope you all have someone like Nanny in your lives. She was quite possibly the most amazing person I've ever known and I'm not sure if I would be me if I hadn't been her granddaughter (not to take any credit away from mom and dad here, of course). So if you do have a Nanny in your life- the kind of person who makes you laugh when you thought you wanted to cry, even if it means that she is laughing at herself, or can give you advice in a way that you know what you should or want to do, without forcing her opinion on you-take her to lunch or coffee and say Thank you! Well, now, that I've got my crying done for the day, I think I'll sign off! Have a great November! I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Finally Friday!!

So I've decided that today will be the day that I make my announcement!! I've been trying to think of the right time and way to announce it because I'm not really sure how people are going to react to this news. BUT then I decided that I didn't care how people reacted, well I care, it just isn't going to affect my decision. So I'm on week #3 of counting calories and my NEW and improved weight loss plan. I really think that this is the longest I've ever stuck with one. And I think there's good reason for it. I'm going to be doing something MAJOR sometime in the next year.....
Yes, I know it may seem odd, but I've been searching for something and I think I've found it! Since I'm trying to get into shape to meet the physical requirements to join, there's just been this peace about me. I don't feel sad, I feel happy and I'm REALLY ENJOYING GETTING INTO SHAPE! I know it's sick how much I enjoy it. Maybe it's cause I'm using apps that I downloaded on my iPhone, but I LOVE COUNTING CALORIES! I love working on my "Couch to 5K" program! I love pushing myself to run until the little man says "Walk Now." I really have forgotten how much I love being healthy cause I've made so many unhealthy choices in the past couple of years. BUT NOW I'M BACK! Plus, most of you know how much I really enjoy computers and technology and MATH!! And I could put all of those skills to use in the air force. I know I'm putting good use of those skills as a teacher but I just feel like I can do more! And so I AM!! Right now, my semi-plan is to hopefully be able to take the AFOQT and physical test sometime between May and early August, depending on how soon I get in shape. I am going to work at Camp Kiwanis again this summer, mostly cause I can and I love it, but also cause it's my TENTH summer to work out there. That's actually one of the hardest things to leave behind. I LOVE CAMP!
I've discussed this with a few people and I've gotten a few questions. I don't know if I'll be joining for 2 years or 4 years or maybe even longer. I know that if possible I would like to get my master's while in the air force, and if I do that then I'll need to join for a longer period of time. What happens after that, I think is the REALLY exciting part. I'm really looking forward to joining the air force and getting to travel and see and experience new things! I think one reason I am announcing this at such an early time is because I need your prayers, cause this is not going to be easy and I just can't do it alone! AND I'M NOT GIVING UP THIS TIME!! I also wanted to give everyone plenty of time to process this, just cause, especially since I just moved back to Amarillo, no one really expects me to make this kind of announcement. The other reason is cause I'll be studying and preparing, both for the physical test and the AFOQT (which is the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test). And I think it'll be easier to announce this all at one time, rather than over and over and over.
Just so you know, I've probably typed this blog, like 4 times, and as I'm typing this one, I'm skeptical to publish it (I've read it 5 times and still haven't published it...) But the same thing happened when I emailed the recruiter and that turned out well. Which if you're wondering, he emailed me a pre-qualifications sheet and I sent it back to him. His response was that my background info looked good, with the exception of my physical info-which I knew and had already told him that I was working on it. So, he said I should study for the AFOQT and let him know when I feel ready to take the tests. :)
ALSO, for all your skeptics, that have seen me start many new programs or talk about doing this or that, this is not something that I'm just going to lose interest in. I'm NOT just TALKING about it. I trained for 2 weeks before I even contacted any one in the air force. I have not signed any papers or anything, but as of right now, this is a goal that I'm very serious about and I would be honored to have your support.
So as usual, thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Save it for your mama...

It's the end of my lunch break, so I will have to finish this later, but I just want to start by saying "I'M SO HAPPY TO BE TYPING ON A REAL KEYBOARD!!" Okay, so I've been doing lots of thinking. Unfortunately, it's really brought me no real conclusions... I think this may be my "quarter-life crisis"...and I don't really know what that means, LOL! So I decided to look it up on Wikipedia and this is what I found (my fellow closely):

Characteristics of quarter-life crisis may include:
feeling "not good enough" because one can't find a job that is at one's academic/intellectual level
frustration with the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
confusion of identity
insecurity regarding the near future
insecurity concerning long-term plans, life goals
insecurity regarding present accomplishments
re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy
disappointment with one's job
nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life
tendency to hold stronger opinions
boredom with social interactions
loss of closeness to high school and college friends
financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
loneliness, depression and suicide
desire to have children
a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you
frustration with societal ills

So I would say that I agreed with about 92% of those...hmm. In this same article, there's a book mentioned, that I may now have to read before I read the Twilight series again, or finish Harry Potter: Damian Barr's Get It Together: A Guide to Surviving Your Quarterlife Crisis. Now I'm sure some of you post-quarter-lifers, are rolling your eyes, or maybe not, I really don't know, but I'm sure this may be true for alot of people, no matter their age. But IT'S JUST NOT OKAY with me! So there are some lines that I'm going to quote here from the article and comment on:

Nobody wants to admit to feeling like a 'loser'; this secrecy may intensify the problem.- Yeah, It's never really bothered me to admit to feeling like a loser, but for some reason, it does now....

One does not automatically make progress.- I think this is one that bothers me, I LOVED being a student. In fact, I told someone the other day that if I could be a MATH student FOREVER, I WOULD BE HAPPY! You make progress, here, there's no real definitive progress. Sure there's growth, but not like I'm one step closert to a goal, unless you include retirement, which I'M NOWHERE NEAR!

The era when a professional career meant a life of occupational security – thus allowing an individual to proceed to establish an "inner life" – is coming to an end- NO ONE GAVE ME THAT MEMO IN COLLEGE!!! Did you get that memo?

The few graduates that do land decent jobs after graduation usually have to work 15–20 hours per week at a job during college and, because of this, they may end up missing social events that university life has to offer without implementing adequate time management. These students frequently desire romantic relationships but simply do not have the time in college to gain or sustain them. Thus, they may end up with a job after college but long for a romantic partner and feel as unfulfilled as the graduates who have a partner and no job- AMEN! THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY! Luckily I was able to quit my job my last two semesters of college then...I was me and I also was overbooked with homework and events.
.....(end of Wikipedia article quotes)....

So I guess my question is, what now? I mean how do I go back and make up for those 25-30 hours I worked a week during college. How do I "establish an "inner life"? How can I find ways to satisfy my inner-student and lover of learning? Honestly, I really don't feel like a loser. I have amazing friends, and although I see them sporadically, the amount of laughter and fun that we share somewhat makes up for the time in between. I just feel "____________" there's no word to put there, I don't want to say "lost" or "confused" but it's something that feel likes that. It's such an odd emotion that I don't even know what it's called! So I guess until I figure out "my place in this world" (which I really hate saying cause it just sounds CHEESY) I guess I will continue on my path to help make the future generations better, brighter and more creative, innovative and whatever else is needed to continue a prospering planet! I do know THAT much! That helping,
teaching, counseling and laughing with the younger generations is MY MISSION ON THE PLANET! (haha, I feel uber-cheesy right now...) And I LOVE TEACHING, I'm just not sure it's THE WAY that I want to carry out my mission.......I also want to add that this isn't meant to be a pity party or a whine and cheese feast, just thoughts. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I can't believe that it's been a whole two months since I've bogged but I've been busy plus I'm typing this from my iPhone, so I'm sure it's going to take me a while. But I wanted to give you an update- just in case you haven't heard. So I got a job (thankfully) at holy cross catholic academy here in Amarillo. The interview wasinteresting cause I knew right after the interview that working at this school wa exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It's different from what I've been doing but I really like it. I teach 7-11th graders. My classes are algebra 2 ( a class of 4 & another of 6), algebra 1 a class of 12, 7th & 8th advanced science (10 students but it's fun and REALLY HARD FOR ME to plan lessons for), 7th math class of 12 and a math mastery class which at the moment has one student. But in some ways it's my favorite class cause if you're a teacher I'm sure at some point you've had at least one student that you just thouht if you could work one on one eith him, he'd get it. Well, the steps this student has taking in just the ten days we've been in school are amazing! Plus, I've been playing some of the games I learned with everyday math with him and I think for the first time possibly ever he's having fun in math! I've even asked my principal to order a games kit for us and he's working on it! Something funny that the actress in me misses about fourth grader is audience participation and reaction. I use the kids facial and body language to test how well the lesson is going and some of the students just dut there. But- one thing I'm really excited about, just wish it were working in practice as well as I thought it would be is my homework incentive. I didn't want to give homework passes cause they need practice, so if all of the class does their homework for acweek then they get one night of free odds or free evens. But I just thought maybe they need something more immediate, but I don't know if I want to let them do half each night, but right now there's only one class that's earned it, the class of six sophomores... So I guess I'll have to work on that.
On other news, I also found a fairly cheap apartment that isn't very far from my school, and they're really pretty nice. But I with the help if my family have my stuff moved in, I still have boxes everywhere cause I'm trying to get done more furniture and arrange rooms how I want. But it's mine and I live like three minutes from school, literally, which is amazing!! As soon as everything is ready we will be having dome dirt of celebration.
Oh, to explain the blog title: I became a fan if needtobreathe after buying the soundtrack to ps I live you, I went on to buy most if their songs. Well last Tuesday they had a new cd come out and it's AMAZING!!! like I want you all to go find it and listen to it!!! But it's title is "the outsiders" it's also a song title, but there aren't any songs that I dont like on it. It's classified as rock but it could br classified as many other things too. They have guitars, drums and a banjo! And a unique awesome lead singer!!! Give em a chance!
Well that was my first official blog as a twenty five year old!!! Just because I'm two months late doesn't mean it's any less special! Well if you're a teacher or parent or student, I wish you s fantastic school year. If you're not any of those then, I Hope your year sucks! Jk not really but I do wish you well and I'm glad to have you as a reader! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

As the Campfire Fades...

So this may be the last chance I get for a while to blog this month, so I decided to write it on this the last night with campers here at Camp Kiwanis. I've also been inspired by recent events to write this blog, so feel free to comment with agreements and disagreements. I hope I can remember all of my talking points as I write this...

So to give you what may be a little bit of unneccessary background when I leave Camp Kiwanis this Saturday afternoon I will be completing my 9th summer on staff and 17th overall summer. So needless to say, it's a big part of my life! It's come to a point that even though some of the staff that I worked with have gone and moved, I couldn't imagine doing anything else! I remember feeling that way after maybe my 4th summer on staff! My camping experience has also helped me in all areas of life! The most recent being my move from Midland to Amarillo! I'm not sure how many of you have ever packed up and moved on your own-but it's pretty freaking stressful!! Especially when things don't go according to plan! There were several times during the weekend that I was exhausted and worn out and just didn't care! I just wanted to call my mom and say "I know I said I could handle it, but I can't so come down here and help me RIGHT NOW!" But I would immediately talk myself out of it and gave my self, several, peptalks similar to the ones that I give homesick campers! Yes I threw alot of stuff away, and I was completely exhausted by the time I got my car loaded and was ready to drive away! But the sense of pride and accomplishment at the fact that I DID IT!! ME ALL BY MYSELF!! ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING! Not just because "I had to" not because someone was standing there telling me to, but because I KNEW I COULD!! I thought I would completely just crumble into pieces when I started driving but I didn't- and I honestly think that if it weren't for my many years at camp, I would have been able to honestly say that. So that's my story~

The growth that I've seen in the young girls that come out here is something that there really are no words for. Last summer, for example, a large percentage of the staff were either staff that had worked here before or grew up going to camp here- almost all of whom I was their counselor at some point in time! To see the things these children do without their parents judgements or advice is AMAZING! Talking a child onto a horse, off the diving board, teaching her how to shot a bow and arrow and MAKE A BULLSEYE! Lighting a one match fire, using a knife for the first time, helping other campers! Oh, the list could go on but I'll stop there for I think you've got the point! Now on to my next point~

As hard as we've worked, there have unfortunately been 3 children who've gone home before the departure date! All three of the times, if we, the camp staff, had an opportunity to help the child through the initial homesickness, the camper would have made it. There's a certain gleam a camper gets in her eye after being homesick and you can tell that she's going to make it. Unfortunately, the parents didn't even give their child a chance! As a parent (and yes I realize I'm not one so saying is probably much easier than action) I believe it's your responsibility, partially, to help your child gain confidence in themselves. I know there have been times growing up that I would go and complain to mom and dad about something saying I couldn't do it, or didn't want to, and it wasn't an option! I was going to do it, and now because of that I know that if I think it through, look at all sides, and believe in myself- I CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS! I can make smart decisions. I believe that the 3 campers who went home will always have an underlying thought that their parents don't believe they CAN do something. So even though all of these parents thought that they were doing the right thing- IT WAS WRONG!! I mean if the child calls mom in November of their Freshman year in College and says, "mom I can't do this. it's too hard." even if the mom says to stay, the campers not really going to believe that she can do it! Now, some of you may think that I'm stretching this, but I'M NOT!! Camping can be SUCH an important part of childhood. If you're going to say, camp life may not be for everyone~ you may be right, but you'll never know if you don't even try!!

I'll now put my soapbox away until another parent does something stupid! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

My bologna has a first name

Well, June's almost over, so I figured you were all "jonesing" for a new blog from me. And before I go on, will someone please tell me that they've heard that phrase before "jonesing or jonsing" well brilliant me decided to just google it...and it's slang, but here's what "" says "jonesing: craving; wanting I'm jonesing for some sushi. " so at least now I know i'm not crazy...well at least not because of that word. ANYWHO! The summer's been pretty good so far. I've realized in the past few days that I'm like a grown up now! That's kinda crazy! It's different this summer for another reason too: my friend Oscar, aka Betsy, isn't here. I've worked at camp since 2001, and Oscar and I have worked together since 2002. Two years ago, Oscar was just here part-time, but she was still at least here part time, and last summer we both stayed in the same cabin. Now, here's the grown up in me talking cause I'm okay with it, I'm not like over emotional or anything like I was when Socks or Neon left. And I'm having a great time at camp. But summer is like the MAIN time of year that I hang out with Oscar, I'm pretty sure we've hung out like EVERY 4th of July since like 2003 or so! AND NOW SHE'S IN AUSTIN! :( I don't know how to explain it, but here's a video from last summer (please excuse the profanity- nobody said we were perfect) When I took this video, we both laughed for about a good 15-20 minutes, and I crack up every time I watch it....but just for all you visual learners out there...

I'm not sure if that really helps explain anything, but I think it's funny!

Oh, on to the next subject! I HAD MY FIRST "REAL" INTERVIEW THIS MORNING!! I know!! IT'S EXCITING!! I went to a regional job fair on the 12th and talked with a local district, Pampa ISD, and gave them my resume and had a nice, short conversation with the recruiter. Well, before I even had a chance to put my application in, the high school principal called me! So I went this morning for a job interview with the math dept head and both of the asst principals, as well as the principal. It wasn't a brilliant interview, but for me it wasn't awful either- and I've had some awful ones! So they have another person to interview like next week or something so they said I should here from them in a couple of weeks or so! For people unfamiliar with Texas Panhandle-Pampa is a town about 45 minutes away from Amarillo. So I'm really glad I have some time to think about it. Yes IT'S MUCH CLOSER THAN MIDLAND, but it's still not in AMARILLO! Or even Canyon...I don't know. I'm just not sure if I want to live in Pampa, yeah I can come to town, but if I come for a weekend or something, I'll still have to stay with my parents......BUT I think it could be a really neat opportunity!! IN CASE YOU CAN'T TELL, I COULD USE A FEW PRAYERS, although I know most of you are already helping me with that! Well, I better get back to work....or playing farkle...haha..anyways! THANKS FOR READING

Until Next Time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i know, i know...

So as I'm sure most of you know I'm currently [attempting to] pack up all of my belongings and move on home to Amarillo. And yes in true Lizzy fashion, I'm procrastinating! But considering this morning I only had one box packed and I now have 8 boxes packed-I'd have to say I'm doing pretty good. I have the living room almost completely done, just a few blankets and things. My bedroom is complicated; I'm trying to pack for 2 occassions: Moving and Camp. So I've been a little distracted in there, but I do have 3 boxes of clothes packed. I'm avoiding the dining room, aka the computer room because it's the place that most of my junk has found its home. The kitchen will be easier so I'm saving it for the end. I have more than when I moved down here cause obviously I've purchased quite a bit of stuff in the past 2 years. Plus I'm feeling like an ultra pack rat, I'm afraid that my mind is not in the right place to throw things away so I just haven't thrown anything away, with the exception of actual trash. Of course there's still my classroom, but I have 18 wonderful helpers in my room that get to help me :) And they're actually really excited to help me!
I'm sure many of you are wondering how the job hunt is going and so far I'm an official candidate for Amarillo ISD, so I have a feeling that I'll be sending around some emails or making some phone calls to schools and principals to see what my options are. Please say an extra prayer or two to help me find a job. My goal is to have a job before camp is over, that way I can move out. If I don't have a job, I'll have to stay with mom and dad!!! So maybe say four extra prayers for me, LOL. Well, this will probably be my last blog until after camp starts so I hope you have a wonderful end of the school year (for those in school) and a FABULOUS SUMMER!
Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Oh, and let me know what's going on with you guys. I talk and talk and say something, make a comment or send me an email or something-OH
And OF COURSE, there is this neat thing called the "postal system" and people out at Girl Scout Camp are BIG FANS OF IT. So send some mail and help a girl scout-she writes back :)
Teddy Pace
802 N. Girl Scout Road
Amarillo, Tx
I'll be at camp June 1st through July 18th

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So there are lots of things that are kind of good news/bad news right now. I guess it just depends on who you are, where you live and how much of "me" you can really..tolerate. In a short 24 days, I will be moving out of my apartment and classroom. I ordered some boxes from uhaul and they got here yesterday and I'm excited but also not, because that means that now I have to actually pack cause I have no excuse! I'm not looking forward to it, but I think I also need to make a plan, along with a list or two so I know exactly what I'm packing and where and how and stuff. Mostly cause I have school Saturday morning, I have to be out of my apartment on Saturday and camp starts on Monday morning! Yeah! Fun times right!?! I really wish there was a way that I could teach at my school and not be so far away from my friends and family. I know there's probably a few Jones STARS reading this right now- and YOU'RE AWESOME!! You have been my second family and I hope that we are friends for a VERY LONG time! I expect invitations to all weddings, baptisms and bah mitzvahs. Your attendance is required should there ever be any sort of event that I have...not sure what that might be, but I'll let you know! :)
I don't remember being THIS ready for summer! I was thinking about it earlier this evening and sometimes I just wish I could stay at girl scout camp year round. I really feel like that's where I'm my best, my happiest, my healthiest, the most confident. I mean I guess it's like wanting to stay at a retreat but I guess after 8 years of working at camp, it just becomes a part of you! Of course that's not even including the years I went as a camper. I just really can't believe that more parents today don't send their daughters to camp. There's just something, especially these days, about being around a bunch of girls and not worrying about what boy likes who or who you like or what outfit you're not wearing. It's funny to have parents out at camp with their kids, especially if you've ever had that kid alone at camp. You should see the things the kids do without mom or dad right there, but as soon as mom is in sight-BOOP that's it! They like shutdown. It's one of the most surreal things ever. I don't know, I didn't mean for this to be a lecture about camp, but I just didn't want to write about packing cause that would mean I would have to know what I was talking about!! I know there's a few things this summer that I should see you Amarilloans at, and as for you Midlanders- I will be visiting and facebooking and myspacing, but if you're EVER up North...well :) you know where to find me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I thought it meant important

Well, I think I have just had one of the best weekends in this apartment that I've EVER had! I think that's fitting considering it's one of my last; well, there's like 6 more but at least 3 of those I won't be here. It started during the school day on Friday. I was just generally in a really fantastic mood AND I still have ALL of my text books!! (Last year a few were misplaced and my intern was not happy with me. So this was A BIG DEAL TO ME)

It continued with Friday night and a new hair color. I've had LOTS of new hair colors, but I like this one. I think it makes me look older, but in a good way. Maybe mature is the right word, I don't know. On to Saturday, where it started with some good old fabulous Saturday school. Okay, so it wasn't really THAT fabulous, but I think it gave us a really good idea of what we still need to work on before the TAKS. I was really tired when I got back from school, but it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL day outside that I couldn't waste it. So I went for a walk, even jogged a bit, got some sun. Then came back and sat on my patio and read for a few hours, watched some movies. I went to sleep feeling a bit exhausted but also quite content.

Unfortunately this morning I did not accomplish much. I made it up to school this afternoon to do some grading and I brainstormed some review stuff for this week. Then I came home and just HAD to take a walk again. So since it was already on the dark side, I took a different route, staying on Midkiff. I HAD SUCH A FANTASTIC WALK!! I think I have found the PERFECT song to jog/run to: Misery Business by Paramore. OH MY! I just feel so AWESOME! I mean the songs worked out perfect, I ended on two Kris Allen songs!

Anyways- that was my weekend. I'm now going to get ready for bed. Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEK! If you have students/children that you're getting ready for TAKS then I'm sending you lots of well wishes! Just let them know how AWESOME they are and let them know that YOU KNOW that they can do ANYTHING!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

simple times

So thankfully, this has been a short week, although it has been a pretty long, short week. After Spring Break I went out and got an antenna so I could actually WATCH TV. And it's been fun, although I really only have like 3 channels, its fun. What do I really need with a hundred channels?? But every night at like 9 I think, this show comes on CW that I can't decide if I like or not. I think it's growing on me. It's called "Style By Jury" and I'm not sure how many people actually watch it, but i'll explain so you can at least understand where I'm coming from. It's kinda like "Extreme Makeover" (not HOME) without the heart really. Every episode I have seen has some "youth-challenged, unstylish" woman with LOW self-esteem, who think they're auditioning for a makeover show, and they have a jury hidden behind a mirror. They jury pretty much MURDERALIZE the people, saying the first thing that comes to mind, without any thought for feelings. I've watched it about 3 or 4 times and only the one tonight has NOT cried when hearing what the jury says. I really just don't like that, but today I watched an episode that is changing my mind. This 42 year-old Personal Trainer came on wearing baggy sweats with gray roots. Her makeover was REALLY neat, she had so much confidence at the end that it made me realize that the show had a purpose, however self-serving it is. I just don't like the begining, it's like they want to make sure that you REALLY FEEL LIKE CRAP before the makeover so you can feel REALLY GREAT afterwards. So I'll let you know what my final decision is about the show after a few more episodes.
I'm getting really nervous about the TAKS test. I'm just not sure about so many of them. There's only 12 more class days until the TAKS TEST!!! I mean GEEZ!!! We're taking a practice test tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. We're going to have a Saturday school next weekend too, plus all the after school tutorials. I just felt ALOT better about my kids last year, of course that didn't turn out as well as it could have so I JUST DON'T KNOW!! The kids just seem so laid back and not concerned, even after they get a low test score back. So just pray for them, and me! Well, I guess i should like pack and clean and stuff so that I can go home tomorrow as soon as tutorials are over... HAVE A HOPPY EASTER WEEKEND!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

beautiful mess

So, I've been meaning to blog for a while, but I've actually been busy-in a very good, EXCELLENT WAY! And since I'm in SUCH a great mood and my spirits are so high, I decided to blog this way I can come back and read this from time to time to remember this feeling. (wow that's a REALLY long sentence.) Anyway, so I went home for Spring Break and I really think it was just the boost I needed. I didn't get to see ALL of my friends, which was a bummer, but I got to relax and hang out and have fun. I got to go to the zoo with my sister, her husband and their kids! I really like going pretty much anywhere with those kids, seeing things through their eyes is just! Oh I also bought the Twilight DVD at Midnight with my sister! That was fun, just cause she's way more nerdier than I am-yes it's actually possible! So even though it was a little embarrassing, it's not anything I'm not used to. So I'll have some pictures of spring break coming up pretty soon.

So as most of you know, I bought a bicycle a few weeks ago. Well at the end of the spring break, my mother and I made a pact. We've done this several times, but this feels different; it IS different! For one thing, I've found the perfect solution for my procrastination. well, ok, it's not perfect but it's a solution: I need small goals. I then can use those small goals to find out when the final result will be, but it works for me. For example, my apartment: I hate cleaning which is no secret to pretty much anyone. But this week I set small goals, one room per night and in some cases, parts of that room in one night and the room divided into two nights. And now, yes, I still have a few finishing touches on my apartment- it is definitely MUCH cleaner than before! It's so awesome to come home to a clean apartment. Well, that's what I've done with my mother! I figured it up and there are 4 months until my 25th birthday, which means, 16 weeks (there's actually a little less cause the 25th was this week, but you get the point.) If I lose 2 pounds a week, that's 32 pounds by my birthday! That's not even including the amount of weight that I normally lose in the summer (less stress, less snacks). I think that in the past, I've set very unrealistic expectations and have expected big losses each week and then I get disappointed and have given up! BUT NOT THIS TIME! All I did this week was rode my bike one night, walked one night and only had 2 Dr. pepper's ALL WEEK! And I LOST 3.2 POUNDS!! Plus we got paid today and I made it the WHOLE MONTH on my budget!! AHHH! That's SO AWESOME! I'm not really one to toot my own horn very often, okay maybe that's not completely true, but I try not to. I just had to write this blog so that in a week or month or year or ten years from now, when things aren't going as great as they are right now, I can remember that I CAN DO IT! Also you should take this as inspiration. I mean, if I can clean my apartment then you should be able to do pretty much anything FOR SURE!

I also just wanted to share something else with you guys. My motivation-inspiration got its start when James let me borrow Prince Caspian. Yes I had seen it already, but I don't know, there was something about it along with the music this time that just kicked me into gear. I also have been listening to the new Jason Mraz CD, which if you haven't listened to...well DO IT! It's SOO GOOD! One song has kind of stood out as my favorite, parts of it I can really relate to and it's actually the title of my blog. The other song is the last song from Prince Caspian. So Enjoy the songs! I had to add them, cause sometimes I really do feel like "Music is my boyfriend" Have a Happy WEEKEND!
Only 43 school days left- WOW! THAT'S NOT ALOT!

Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz-he wrote this about me;)

The Call from Prince Caspian

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

spring happenings

So It's a blistery Wednesday evening here in my second floor apartment. Unfortunately, the weather is supposed to be bad and my hopes are rising. I'm hoping for a delay in school, and I don't think it's going to happen. Which I'll get over, it would just be REALLY great if it happened. I'm really excited about a few things happening. Spring Break starts in like 2 days!! WOOHOO! like 42 HOURS LEFT! Plus I have 3 guitar hero's to play now: GH3, World Tour, and Aerosmith. If you haven't played World Tour, OMG!! You can make your own character, I made a rock star that LOOKS LIKE me, or at least sorta. Plus I will get to see ALL of my friends in Amarillo over spring break- AT LEAST I BETTER! THIS IS YOUR WARNING! Which actually brings me to my next piece of news that I've decided to officially announce with bittersweetness. (is that a word?) I have decided that I am going to move back to Amarillo at the end of this school year. My first 2 years of teaching has been such an experience, and I think it's mostly due to the fact that my fellow teachers (and clerk and intern) are SO AMAZING!! So I hope that you're reading this because you guys have been my second family! Unfortunately, my Amarillo family are missing out on the wonderfulness that is ME in their life. I also don't think that you've been able to see the truly wonderful me while away from them. Because you Amarillo family (friends, family and others) have made me who I am and I have to pay you back some how :) THANK GOODNESS FOR THE INTERNET! So all my Midland family is not rid of me completely :) With Canyon opening 2 new elementary schools this Fall, my chances of becoming a Canyon employee have increased from like 2% to maybe like 20%, which is about as good as it's going to get. So please pray for me for that. To my Midland family, well, thank you soo much! I don't know that each of you really realize how important you are to me. If I had ended up anywhere else, I would be typing this from a dark corner curled up in the fetal position, so thanks for keeping my sanity in check and putting up with me when it wasn't :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

you know you would

Mix CD
I make a mix CD for all occassions: break-ups, birthdays, graduations, random days. I think Music is one of the best ways of expressing emotions!

Dr. Pepper (or other soda of choice)
Often over seas, they don't have drinks like they do here in the states. At least, I know some countries don't have dr. pepper.

Gossip Magazine
Who wouldn't want to hear all the gossip garbage?

Either homemade or girl scout cookies or other cookies of their choice, cookies just make you feel like your at home again...

It's nice to have pictures of friends, family while you're away from home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All for one!

It's another boring, unproductive, lazy sunday night here in my apartment. Just finished watching "man in the iron mask" and it just reminds me of those early happy days when Leo DiCaprio was the BOMB! Like as long as you were watching a movie with Leo in it, the world was right...or was that just me and my sister!! LOL
So Andrea has talked me into getting a "twitter" account. Luckily it doesn't appear to have a whole lot of stuff to do just status updates, which I REALLY like!! I'm a BIG NERD when it comes to status updates. And apparently, according to neon, they're pretty amusing. So if you have a twitter account or if you make one, come find me: (yeah so original I know...)
Last week was....INTERESTING. I got to go home for 3 and 1/2 days. Had lunch with my mom and sister on Friday which was REALLY fun. Took my brother out for our annual birthday tradition thing. OH by the way before that, I bought a bike, new TV, 3 books, 3 movies, A NEW IPOD NANO! and guitar hero aerosmith. It was my little valentine's present to myself...but back to my trip. It didn't really turn out as planned, as most of the things I plan don't, and I didn't get to see one SINGLE friend!! AT ALL!! I missed you guys! But I'll be there for at least the weekend before and after spring break!
Well, the credits to Man in the Iron Mask are almost over so I better figure out what movie I'm going to watch next before going to bed! Tomorrow's college shirt day and Tuesday my kiddos take the Writing TAKS test- be thinking about them!! It's going to be tough!!
10 more days until SPRING BREAK!! WAHOO!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey Mr. Postman!

So here I am on a Friday night, just back from a little "pre-shopping" shopping trip. My tax return was deposited today and I have plans, small-ish plans, but plans nonetheless. I'm going to buy a bicycle, for one thing! I LOVED riding my bike when I was kid. I was furious with my mom when she got rid of mine when I was like 15 or something, even though it was old and not really working. I always talked about getting one, especially when I was at Tech. Riding my bike to class just looked like so much fun. And now that I am READY to get into shape, I think bike riding is going to be AWESOME. I also talked about getting a small digital TV, but a nameless-evil friend has talked me into getting a bigger one and while at Target, I noticed that there was a 32" LCD TV for only $449!! That's not too shabby. So I'll make a list tonight and do some more pre-shopping tomorrow and by Sunday or Monday, I'll have both purchased-I hope. So here I am, drinking my rum and diet dr. pepper (i told you I was trying to get into shape) which also reminds me that while I have some extra money I should go to the liquor store.

Oh so another reason for the Friday-night blog is a thought occured to me today on the drive home and while I was shopping. I have helped many-a-couples with their ups and downs and even just sat back and observed (in a completely not-stalking manner) relationships, successful or unsuccessful. I have given advice, sat and listened, been the buffer or excuse or whatever to quite a few others. Yet nothing for me. It's like being a post-man for 15 years and not receiving a single piece of mail. ( I just made that analogy up, and I have to say it's a pretty damn good one!) I'm baffled as to why, I mean (and I'm going to stick with the postman analogy for a bit, just cause it makes me sound a little less pathetic in my opinion) its not like I'm not writing any letters. I love writing letters! (which I actually do!) Yet all I do is help other people write letters to each other without anyone writing me... so maybe (this is the thought that I had) maybe I'm just supposed to help people write letters. And a part of me is actually okay with that.

Well, hopefully I have a very productive weekend. Have tests to grade (eek) classroom to clean and rearrange, apartment to clean and products to shop for and purchase! So I'm going to enjoy my diet dp and rum and the movies that I just picked up from blockbuster and hopefully have a VERY PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

one down

Well January is officially over. Yeah, I'm late, whatever. what's new? Just so you realize how much this blog means to me- i wanted you to know that this is the first time that I'm attempting to type with my hurt pinkie. So January was interesting to say the least. I don't know if it's just here, but the kids acted a fool pretty much the whole month! So let me get to the things that I'm likely to forget as I continue to type. I got to go see George W. and Laura Bush in their welcome home party here in Midland! So cool! So I made an unscheduled trip to Amarillo last weekend and surprised the family. That was fun! I got to go to one of Bobby's basketball games before the season ended so that was nice. It was a game at the North Y, and there must be something about that Y, cause just about every game that I've been to over there I have seen Speedo watching Wesley play. About halfway through bobby's game on Saturday, Wesley, Speedo, Mr. Speedo, and Lilly walked in the gym. I got a big hug from Wesley and Lilly. This next part will only mean something to those who know him, but after giving me a hug, Wesley asked me if I would stay and watch his game. So of course I stayed and got to chat, but I just thought it was soo..neat that Wesley asked me to stay and watch! The other neat thing about last weekend was that while I was at my parent's house I was completely inspired and worked LIKE CRAZY! It was nice.
Then February started.....
Monday and Tuesday went by okay, I was really glad to hear that I didn't really miss a lot by not watching the super bowl. Then Wednesday came around! My students earned an extra recess and so I took them outside to play. A few students were playing football and wanted me to toss the ball with them. (is that even the correct terminology?) A ball was thrown short and bounced right into my pinkie, which has happened a few times before, but like 2 hours later it still hurt, especially after coach tried to pop it back into place unsuccessfully!! So now it's like this purple color, but I'm at least able to somewhat use it today. I just hope I don't regret how much I've used it today. Anywho- This weekend was the CSC auction, which, for those of you non-CSCers, is an annual fundraiser-dance-dinner-auction for the Catholic Student Center at WT of which I was an active participant in during my time there. So this is my second one to attend as an alumni and it was quite fantastic. I wasn't sure about it, but my girls were there and we renewed our annual playground-chat-ritual. I got to talk and hang out with people I hadn't seen in a while and some new people that I had never met before. One unfortunate part was that I haven't gone dancing in a while, so I was going a little crazy and I had several people ask how much I'd had to drink-which wasn't a little, but not a lot either. But whatever-dancing is not to look pretty, it's for having fun.
I also think that the auction gave me just the boost that I needed to make it 25 more school days until Spring Break!!! Plus I'll be back for my brother's birthday on the 22nd! He'll be 12 years old! Oh and he sent me this video this afternoon, which I so gladly added to YouTube- you should check it out! Bobby
Thanks for reading and just so you know, i had to stop typing with my pinkie cause it hurt, so this took A WHILE to type-and NO I'm not being dramatic- just informative! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Afternoon with Deloris

So, I'm surprised that I have something to write about today, but I felt inspired to blog! I went to Sonic to get a bite to eat. It's such a nice day so I stayed there to eat my lunch. Then I decided to take a little drive around town, I don't get to just drive a whole lot, unless I'm driving to and from Amarillo. So with my iPod turned up and my window rolled down, I took in the sites of Midland. I'm not really sure what it was about driving around that had me thinking about stuff, but I started thinking. I just started thinking about how my life doesn't really suck that much. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who contribute to my life not sucking. I appreciate it and I hope that sometime I have helped or will help your life not suck as much! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

it's my party

I officially survived my first week back at a new semester. I was skeptical a few times, but I made it!! YEAA!! I really do love my fourth graders. They're so much fun! This week we were talking about science and some one asked if there was an ozone, and another student said "Well, I know there's an autozone." I couldn't help but laugh, it was so funny!
I woke up this morning with grand intentions of cleaning/reorganizing my apartment. I have a stack of newspapers from my subscription that I just never read. The only day I read the paper is Sunday and all the others from like a month and half are just sitting here. Unfortunately today turned into a very lazy Saturday!! I watched some movies on TV, played around on the internet, met a pizza delivery man from Canyon [we had like an actual conversation it was wierd, but he was old- so whatever you were thinking just stop :)] That's okay though, tomorrow I'll have more to do, which actually increases the chances of more things getting done. I'm moving my computer out of the middle of the room since I'm getting new internet! I'm really excited! I'm cancelling my cable and I'm switching my internet to AT&T! I get all of these rebates, plus GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR for free!! Plus, it has wireless andit plugs into the phone line which is in a place that my computer and it's cords don't have to hang out in the middle of my hallway anymore. And another bonus, I won't be wasting as much money!
Ooh! I almost forgot another piece of cool news. On January 20th, we get an early release date, but that's not even the most exciting part. President Bush is coming to Midland for some sort of something. I don't care what your opinion about the President is, any opportunity to meet him would be pretty cool. I don't know any other information yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I know more.
I'm sure some of you have heard me and my sister and some of my friends and even my MOM talk about our twilight obsession and if you haven't read the books, you absolutely should. Now, I know what you're thinking cause I thought the same thing this summer! There was NO way I was going to read a love story about a vampire??!?? Come on! But at one of our family dinners Cassi would not shut up about it, so for the sake of sister bonding- I read it! Í wasn't that into the first one, but as I kept reading it got better! I ended up reading all four books in a week and a half!! I've since convinced at least 3 or 4 friends to read it, oh and Mom too! So if you haven't read it yet, DO IT NOW!! :) I personally just read the whole series for the third time over this last break :)
Well I've spent alot of time this week thinking about where I went to be this time in 2010 and what kind of things I want to do this year.... Unfortunately I haven't come up with much!! LOL I do know that I want to take some sort of road trip or trip. Now yes I did travel this year, but I also traveled solo and met people there. Plus I didn't really save up and plan and stuff. I want to go on a trip like that some time during this year. I think some of the Pace's are planning a cruise to Alaska, and I hope that I get to go too. :) :) Other than that, I don't have many insights into this new year for me! I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Last year was....interesting. I don't want interesting this year! I want AWESOME!
So here's to an Awesome 2009!
Until next time :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Away We Go!

So, I've always been a big fan of the blogging on Myspace. But only Myspacers can read those. so this way everyone will be blessed with awesome stylings of me! Yeah, I know you're excited. That's why you're here! Well, whether you're a friend from facebook, myspace or a friend or family member who just want to know what's going on. Thanks for reading. I'm trying to keep it short for this first entry! My new year's resolution this year is to keep in touch with everyone more, no matter where I live or where you live or how I know you. So I think this is a really good way to do that. Plus I think that this way you can all see what everyone has to say about whatever it is that I have to say.. did that sound kind of redundant to anyone else?? ok. Well. Again, thanks for reading! I'll probably post a longer one later this weekend, just kind of wanted to get started..
Until next time :)