Sunday, January 18, 2009

Afternoon with Deloris

So, I'm surprised that I have something to write about today, but I felt inspired to blog! I went to Sonic to get a bite to eat. It's such a nice day so I stayed there to eat my lunch. Then I decided to take a little drive around town, I don't get to just drive a whole lot, unless I'm driving to and from Amarillo. So with my iPod turned up and my window rolled down, I took in the sites of Midland. I'm not really sure what it was about driving around that had me thinking about stuff, but I started thinking. I just started thinking about how my life doesn't really suck that much. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who contribute to my life not sucking. I appreciate it and I hope that sometime I have helped or will help your life not suck as much! :)


  1. It is good to be able to keep up with your life a little more. I hope this semester keeps going well!

  2. I am so excited that I can be a blog stalker at another place :)