Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey Mr. Postman!

So here I am on a Friday night, just back from a little "pre-shopping" shopping trip. My tax return was deposited today and I have plans, small-ish plans, but plans nonetheless. I'm going to buy a bicycle, for one thing! I LOVED riding my bike when I was kid. I was furious with my mom when she got rid of mine when I was like 15 or something, even though it was old and not really working. I always talked about getting one, especially when I was at Tech. Riding my bike to class just looked like so much fun. And now that I am READY to get into shape, I think bike riding is going to be AWESOME. I also talked about getting a small digital TV, but a nameless-evil friend has talked me into getting a bigger one and while at Target, I noticed that there was a 32" LCD TV for only $449!! That's not too shabby. So I'll make a list tonight and do some more pre-shopping tomorrow and by Sunday or Monday, I'll have both purchased-I hope. So here I am, drinking my rum and diet dr. pepper (i told you I was trying to get into shape) which also reminds me that while I have some extra money I should go to the liquor store.

Oh so another reason for the Friday-night blog is a thought occured to me today on the drive home and while I was shopping. I have helped many-a-couples with their ups and downs and even just sat back and observed (in a completely not-stalking manner) relationships, successful or unsuccessful. I have given advice, sat and listened, been the buffer or excuse or whatever to quite a few others. Yet nothing for me. It's like being a post-man for 15 years and not receiving a single piece of mail. ( I just made that analogy up, and I have to say it's a pretty damn good one!) I'm baffled as to why, I mean (and I'm going to stick with the postman analogy for a bit, just cause it makes me sound a little less pathetic in my opinion) its not like I'm not writing any letters. I love writing letters! (which I actually do!) Yet all I do is help other people write letters to each other without anyone writing me... so maybe (this is the thought that I had) maybe I'm just supposed to help people write letters. And a part of me is actually okay with that.

Well, hopefully I have a very productive weekend. Have tests to grade (eek) classroom to clean and rearrange, apartment to clean and products to shop for and purchase! So I'm going to enjoy my diet dp and rum and the movies that I just picked up from blockbuster and hopefully have a VERY PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

one down

Well January is officially over. Yeah, I'm late, whatever. what's new? Just so you realize how much this blog means to me- i wanted you to know that this is the first time that I'm attempting to type with my hurt pinkie. So January was interesting to say the least. I don't know if it's just here, but the kids acted a fool pretty much the whole month! So let me get to the things that I'm likely to forget as I continue to type. I got to go see George W. and Laura Bush in their welcome home party here in Midland! So cool! So I made an unscheduled trip to Amarillo last weekend and surprised the family. That was fun! I got to go to one of Bobby's basketball games before the season ended so that was nice. It was a game at the North Y, and there must be something about that Y, cause just about every game that I've been to over there I have seen Speedo watching Wesley play. About halfway through bobby's game on Saturday, Wesley, Speedo, Mr. Speedo, and Lilly walked in the gym. I got a big hug from Wesley and Lilly. This next part will only mean something to those who know him, but after giving me a hug, Wesley asked me if I would stay and watch his game. So of course I stayed and got to chat, but I just thought it was soo..neat that Wesley asked me to stay and watch! The other neat thing about last weekend was that while I was at my parent's house I was completely inspired and worked LIKE CRAZY! It was nice.
Then February started.....
Monday and Tuesday went by okay, I was really glad to hear that I didn't really miss a lot by not watching the super bowl. Then Wednesday came around! My students earned an extra recess and so I took them outside to play. A few students were playing football and wanted me to toss the ball with them. (is that even the correct terminology?) A ball was thrown short and bounced right into my pinkie, which has happened a few times before, but like 2 hours later it still hurt, especially after coach tried to pop it back into place unsuccessfully!! So now it's like this purple color, but I'm at least able to somewhat use it today. I just hope I don't regret how much I've used it today. Anywho- This weekend was the CSC auction, which, for those of you non-CSCers, is an annual fundraiser-dance-dinner-auction for the Catholic Student Center at WT of which I was an active participant in during my time there. So this is my second one to attend as an alumni and it was quite fantastic. I wasn't sure about it, but my girls were there and we renewed our annual playground-chat-ritual. I got to talk and hang out with people I hadn't seen in a while and some new people that I had never met before. One unfortunate part was that I haven't gone dancing in a while, so I was going a little crazy and I had several people ask how much I'd had to drink-which wasn't a little, but not a lot either. But whatever-dancing is not to look pretty, it's for having fun.
I also think that the auction gave me just the boost that I needed to make it 25 more school days until Spring Break!!! Plus I'll be back for my brother's birthday on the 22nd! He'll be 12 years old! Oh and he sent me this video this afternoon, which I so gladly added to YouTube- you should check it out! Bobby
Thanks for reading and just so you know, i had to stop typing with my pinkie cause it hurt, so this took A WHILE to type-and NO I'm not being dramatic- just informative! :)