Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm allergic

Have you ever had a day where too much happened for ONE status update? Well, I did and instead of writing a novel for a status, I decided to write a blog! I have to warn you that I have all these ideas swarming around my head and I'm not so sure how well I can put them down.
      So first let me start with one of the highlights of my day that was spent with my brother. We all know that my taste in music isn't just, well, shall we say, NORMAL. Anyways this afternoon, and morning, I was listening to some of my new favorites, Meiko and Adele. I think it was during one of Meiko's songs that Bobby started singing along with me, but since the singers are both female, he changed it up. So he was singing in this low, twangy sort of voice that made it sound like a 1980s country duet. It was QUITE amusing!
      So then, onto my new personal challenge to "TRY NEW THINGS" this evening I went for an open audition for a play at the ALT. They are only casting ONE female role and one of the people auditioning  was my HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE TEACHER, and the part is actually THREE different characters with THREE different accents. But I auditioned, I gave it a go. It was TONS OF FUN. I'll try it again sometime, besides the spring/summer.
       So then, on my way home, I got stuck by a train and decided to check facebook. I was glad that I had, cause a friend that I had actually been thinking on my way to the audition, had written something that just about made me cry. Let's just say that sometimes it's a bummer when people live far away.
     Let me just say that I'm really enjoying my challenge to "TRY NEW THINGS" It certainly has led me to many new adventures. Some of them have been short-lived, others long. Fortunately, I think I have learned something, either about me or other people, with each new thing I have tried. Oh and one final thought, kind of like Jerry Springer (swooooosh), ONLY 4 WEEKS UNTIL I GET TO GO TO PARIS, FRANCE!!! WHA-WHAT!! Okay, I'm done....Peace out
Until next time...
Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I finished "The Son of Neptune" the 2nd book in the second Percy Jackson series. If you haven't read those, you should. And yes, I finished it over the weekend....what a spinster, eh?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is going to be a short post as I need to get ready very soon. I've been "writing" this blog in my head for the past week and I would be sad if I didn't actually "put it on paper." Today, one of my oldest friends is getting married. It's so cool in a crazy kind of way. Most of you may know that we moved when I was in middle school to the other side of what I always thought was a small little town. We left our church and many of the friends that we had grown up with. Looking back on it now, I realize that we moved away and didn't really look back. Growing up, if my sister and I were not at our house, we were at the Gabel's house, or their grandma Olga's house. I remember when I was little that I could never really say her name correctly. Jenna, Marissa and Kalin were close to the same age as Cassi and I and we always had a GREAT time together. The older brothers, Phillip, Kurt and Brian, we never knew quite as well but I was always fascinated that they had older brothers, maybe a little jealous too. Often times, Cassi and I would leave our parents in mass to go sit with the Gabels. If family came into town, we were always there too. We went on camping trips together. We were really almost like family. In January of 2010, we all suffered a loss, Grandma Olga passed away. I took off from school and my part time job to attend the Rosary and funeral. The night of the funeral we went to the old Knights of Columbus Hall near St. Laurence for a dinner and I swear I was transported to a time when we didn't move across town and we were all still friends. We talked about lots of things. I hope this next section makes sense and comes out like I mean it. Understand that I would give anything to have my own grandmother(s) back to share in the good times we used to have. I also think that Olga brought us all back together in a really fantastic way that makes me miss her just as I do my own Nanny. I look forward to celebrating tonight with Kalin and I know that Olga, or Ouaga as I used to say, is going to be with us tonight as well. Enjoying the friends- no, family that she has brought back together!
Until next time.