Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I can't believe that it's been a whole two months since I've bogged but I've been busy plus I'm typing this from my iPhone, so I'm sure it's going to take me a while. But I wanted to give you an update- just in case you haven't heard. So I got a job (thankfully) at holy cross catholic academy here in Amarillo. The interview wasinteresting cause I knew right after the interview that working at this school wa exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It's different from what I've been doing but I really like it. I teach 7-11th graders. My classes are algebra 2 ( a class of 4 & another of 6), algebra 1 a class of 12, 7th & 8th advanced science (10 students but it's fun and REALLY HARD FOR ME to plan lessons for), 7th math class of 12 and a math mastery class which at the moment has one student. But in some ways it's my favorite class cause if you're a teacher I'm sure at some point you've had at least one student that you just thouht if you could work one on one eith him, he'd get it. Well, the steps this student has taking in just the ten days we've been in school are amazing! Plus, I've been playing some of the games I learned with everyday math with him and I think for the first time possibly ever he's having fun in math! I've even asked my principal to order a games kit for us and he's working on it! Something funny that the actress in me misses about fourth grader is audience participation and reaction. I use the kids facial and body language to test how well the lesson is going and some of the students just dut there. But- one thing I'm really excited about, just wish it were working in practice as well as I thought it would be is my homework incentive. I didn't want to give homework passes cause they need practice, so if all of the class does their homework for acweek then they get one night of free odds or free evens. But I just thought maybe they need something more immediate, but I don't know if I want to let them do half each night, but right now there's only one class that's earned it, the class of six sophomores... So I guess I'll have to work on that.
On other news, I also found a fairly cheap apartment that isn't very far from my school, and they're really pretty nice. But I with the help if my family have my stuff moved in, I still have boxes everywhere cause I'm trying to get done more furniture and arrange rooms how I want. But it's mine and I live like three minutes from school, literally, which is amazing!! As soon as everything is ready we will be having dome dirt of celebration.
Oh, to explain the blog title: I became a fan if needtobreathe after buying the soundtrack to ps I live you, I went on to buy most if their songs. Well last Tuesday they had a new cd come out and it's AMAZING!!! like I want you all to go find it and listen to it!!! But it's title is "the outsiders" it's also a song title, but there aren't any songs that I dont like on it. It's classified as rock but it could br classified as many other things too. They have guitars, drums and a banjo! And a unique awesome lead singer!!! Give em a chance!
Well that was my first official blog as a twenty five year old!!! Just because I'm two months late doesn't mean it's any less special! Well if you're a teacher or parent or student, I wish you s fantastic school year. If you're not any of those then, I Hope your year sucks! Jk not really but I do wish you well and I'm glad to have you as a reader! :)

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  1. Wonderful reading as always. I'll have to check out on a map as to where your school is. I will be seeing you in October and can't hardly wait.