Saturday, March 28, 2009

beautiful mess

So, I've been meaning to blog for a while, but I've actually been busy-in a very good, EXCELLENT WAY! And since I'm in SUCH a great mood and my spirits are so high, I decided to blog this way I can come back and read this from time to time to remember this feeling. (wow that's a REALLY long sentence.) Anyway, so I went home for Spring Break and I really think it was just the boost I needed. I didn't get to see ALL of my friends, which was a bummer, but I got to relax and hang out and have fun. I got to go to the zoo with my sister, her husband and their kids! I really like going pretty much anywhere with those kids, seeing things through their eyes is just! Oh I also bought the Twilight DVD at Midnight with my sister! That was fun, just cause she's way more nerdier than I am-yes it's actually possible! So even though it was a little embarrassing, it's not anything I'm not used to. So I'll have some pictures of spring break coming up pretty soon.

So as most of you know, I bought a bicycle a few weeks ago. Well at the end of the spring break, my mother and I made a pact. We've done this several times, but this feels different; it IS different! For one thing, I've found the perfect solution for my procrastination. well, ok, it's not perfect but it's a solution: I need small goals. I then can use those small goals to find out when the final result will be, but it works for me. For example, my apartment: I hate cleaning which is no secret to pretty much anyone. But this week I set small goals, one room per night and in some cases, parts of that room in one night and the room divided into two nights. And now, yes, I still have a few finishing touches on my apartment- it is definitely MUCH cleaner than before! It's so awesome to come home to a clean apartment. Well, that's what I've done with my mother! I figured it up and there are 4 months until my 25th birthday, which means, 16 weeks (there's actually a little less cause the 25th was this week, but you get the point.) If I lose 2 pounds a week, that's 32 pounds by my birthday! That's not even including the amount of weight that I normally lose in the summer (less stress, less snacks). I think that in the past, I've set very unrealistic expectations and have expected big losses each week and then I get disappointed and have given up! BUT NOT THIS TIME! All I did this week was rode my bike one night, walked one night and only had 2 Dr. pepper's ALL WEEK! And I LOST 3.2 POUNDS!! Plus we got paid today and I made it the WHOLE MONTH on my budget!! AHHH! That's SO AWESOME! I'm not really one to toot my own horn very often, okay maybe that's not completely true, but I try not to. I just had to write this blog so that in a week or month or year or ten years from now, when things aren't going as great as they are right now, I can remember that I CAN DO IT! Also you should take this as inspiration. I mean, if I can clean my apartment then you should be able to do pretty much anything FOR SURE!

I also just wanted to share something else with you guys. My motivation-inspiration got its start when James let me borrow Prince Caspian. Yes I had seen it already, but I don't know, there was something about it along with the music this time that just kicked me into gear. I also have been listening to the new Jason Mraz CD, which if you haven't listened to...well DO IT! It's SOO GOOD! One song has kind of stood out as my favorite, parts of it I can really relate to and it's actually the title of my blog. The other song is the last song from Prince Caspian. So Enjoy the songs! I had to add them, cause sometimes I really do feel like "Music is my boyfriend" Have a Happy WEEKEND!
Only 43 school days left- WOW! THAT'S NOT ALOT!

Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz-he wrote this about me;)

The Call from Prince Caspian

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  1. I am so proud of you! You have now motivated me to get to the gym.. and set some small goals (like look good for Podstock :) Also, I LOVE Regina Spector!