Monday, June 22, 2009

My bologna has a first name

Well, June's almost over, so I figured you were all "jonesing" for a new blog from me. And before I go on, will someone please tell me that they've heard that phrase before "jonesing or jonsing" well brilliant me decided to just google it...and it's slang, but here's what "" says "jonesing: craving; wanting I'm jonesing for some sushi. " so at least now I know i'm not crazy...well at least not because of that word. ANYWHO! The summer's been pretty good so far. I've realized in the past few days that I'm like a grown up now! That's kinda crazy! It's different this summer for another reason too: my friend Oscar, aka Betsy, isn't here. I've worked at camp since 2001, and Oscar and I have worked together since 2002. Two years ago, Oscar was just here part-time, but she was still at least here part time, and last summer we both stayed in the same cabin. Now, here's the grown up in me talking cause I'm okay with it, I'm not like over emotional or anything like I was when Socks or Neon left. And I'm having a great time at camp. But summer is like the MAIN time of year that I hang out with Oscar, I'm pretty sure we've hung out like EVERY 4th of July since like 2003 or so! AND NOW SHE'S IN AUSTIN! :( I don't know how to explain it, but here's a video from last summer (please excuse the profanity- nobody said we were perfect) When I took this video, we both laughed for about a good 15-20 minutes, and I crack up every time I watch it....but just for all you visual learners out there...

I'm not sure if that really helps explain anything, but I think it's funny!

Oh, on to the next subject! I HAD MY FIRST "REAL" INTERVIEW THIS MORNING!! I know!! IT'S EXCITING!! I went to a regional job fair on the 12th and talked with a local district, Pampa ISD, and gave them my resume and had a nice, short conversation with the recruiter. Well, before I even had a chance to put my application in, the high school principal called me! So I went this morning for a job interview with the math dept head and both of the asst principals, as well as the principal. It wasn't a brilliant interview, but for me it wasn't awful either- and I've had some awful ones! So they have another person to interview like next week or something so they said I should here from them in a couple of weeks or so! For people unfamiliar with Texas Panhandle-Pampa is a town about 45 minutes away from Amarillo. So I'm really glad I have some time to think about it. Yes IT'S MUCH CLOSER THAN MIDLAND, but it's still not in AMARILLO! Or even Canyon...I don't know. I'm just not sure if I want to live in Pampa, yeah I can come to town, but if I come for a weekend or something, I'll still have to stay with my parents......BUT I think it could be a really neat opportunity!! IN CASE YOU CAN'T TELL, I COULD USE A FEW PRAYERS, although I know most of you are already helping me with that! Well, I better get back to work....or playing farkle...haha..anyways! THANKS FOR READING

Until Next Time!

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