Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who knew?!?

So to start off, lately I've really been missing my "Midland Family." They literally were my family and friends for 2 whole years, and it's been so wierd not seeing them at all! I had really hoped to visit them more, but with only 2 personal days and not a whole lot of cash, it just hasn't been possible. Well, after this evening, I'm reminded of why exactly I decided to move back to Amarillo. My brother had a jr. high christmas concert for band this evening- and I've NEVER made it to one of his concerts! So tonight, it turned out that I was able to go! Even though, they only played 2 songs, it was REALLY GREAT! I even got a button with his picture on it! The fun part really came afterwards when we went out to dinner with some other folks, friends of the family and such (they have kids the same age as Bobby.) Anywho, it was FUN!

Ok, so it's now like a week later and I'm finally coming back to finish the blog...(Sorry Neon)

Unfortunately I've forgotten what else I was going to blog about that day- I know it was good, but the moments passed.

I said I had some lists to blog and so I do. The first is ideas for resolutions for 2010 (FYI- no matter what the resolution- I WILL KEEP BLOGGING ............. ....................... ....................... ................. ...................... ............... okay you can stop cheering now so I can make my lists :)

1. Read at least one NEW BOOK a month and blog about it, without giving any endings away of course. I think this will help add balance to my reading habits, plus help my vocabulary for the AFOQT.

2. Write a letter instead of an email when I think of a friend. I like this one because I've been wanting to get a REAL ADDRESS BOOK [*CHRISTMAS IDEA*] and keep track of people's addresses, phone numbers and birthdays instead of relying on Facebook to do it for me. Plus it's an adult thing to have.

3. Perform at least one Random act of kindness a month and encourage my students to do the same. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this one regardless of what other idea I choose...

So I had other ideas, but as usual, I've forgotten them. But in brainstorming, I've just gone back to the myspace blog I typed on Monday, Jan 19th of this year. It was what I called "pre-reflections" I will now add my reflections and reflect on my "pre-reflections" (that sentence makes me feel like Mark Reinart...haha)

Excerpt from Myspace Blog "Pre-reflections"

1. Maintain a realistic, stable budget for at least 8 months.
2. Create and Maintain a realistic, healthy, fun fitness plan
3. Have an organized apartment.
4. Have an organized classroom.
6. Go on a REAL date (You know the kind where you get all dressed up and the boy picks you up and you eat or watch a movie or play miniature golf or something. Yeah, i've never been on one of those before...)
7. Plan and save money for a REAL vacation (You know with friends/family and sightseeing and a hotel, plane trip and/or cab ride- I don't really care where either. I'd actually consider going alone with some good books and a camera..)
8. Acknowledge and CELEBRATE every birthday of friends, family or strangers!
9. Pay off my Visa Card.
10. Play on a softball team (Anybody down??)
11. Make a difference in at least ONE person's life in some way.
12. Perform at least 8 Random Acts of Kindness.
13. Put together photo albums of ALL of my pictures.
14. Have a Kick-Ass 25th Birthday Party! All of you are invited!!!!
15. Decrease at least 3 Sizes


  1. I DID IT! YEAH and on my new salary, that's impressive...
  2. Sort of. It's created but my nutrition plan is maintained!!
  5. In PROGRESS (come on, you can't be surprised by those 3...)
  6. Still No, but really, it's a non-issue for me. A) I don't have time or money B) I'm hopefully going to be moving away in a year or two to join the USAF C)I'm too damn independent
  7. Yeah, that's not going to happen on this salary. Although I will be going to Michigan in May for Duke's wedding AWESOME!
  8. I think I did that, may have slacked during the summer, but I'm back on track now- sorry if I missed you- Happy Belated Birthday!
  9. Hopefully...........someday
  10. This year for sure- Young Adults? ANYONE? haha
  11. I'd like to think so.......
  12. Unfortunately, didn't happen but I've changed it to work this year
  13. Couldn't afford it, have the albums though..
  14. Um, did I? Oh, I was in Keller- that was pretty kick ass! and I did go to a Ranger's game!

The last one actually brings me to my next thought. I'm in need of a little competition. Not to say that I can't do it on my own, I just think it will be more fun if I have someone to compete with as I prepare to join the air Force. So if anyone would like to compete or if you have any ideas on how to set up my own "biggest loser" sort of thing- comment, email, text, write, whatever. Thanks :)

OH, on a personal note, little announcement: my classes are changing next semester to focus solely on Math. I'm trading my Advance Science class for an 8th grade Pre-Algebra class so that I can help more middle school students in my Math Mastery class. I'm not giving myself anytime to think about the stuff that I was planning to do with the science kids cause- well I'm not a robot and I'll get a little Emotional...I am getting excited about the Math Mastery class though! It'll give me a chance to help some struggling students and I already have all KINDS of ideas- thanks partly to the Math intervention we did at Jones last year. Plus, I've had one kid in there and he's gotten a little lazy. Adding kids in there should help that.

So, I'm halfway through Semester Tests- so far so good- which means I'm almost halfway through my first year at the new school. I've got to say while I miss EVERYONE AT JONES A WHOLE, WHOLE LOT, I feel very blessed. So thanks to all of you who have contributed to that blessed feeling this past year. I know it's been tough for a lot of you. I hope I've helped you as much as you have me. I hope shared blessings are continued with all of us. OKay, I think you guys get the point...there, right? "I love you. I'm thankful for you. I hope you're thankful for me" You'll probably get one more blog before the year is over, just cause I'll be sitting at home for like a week and I don't have enough money to do anything else BUT sit at home but I won't be able to blog in the next ten days so .. Merry Christmas!!!!

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  1. Thank you :) I love you! I feel so much better.. I was needing my Teddy fix ;)