Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Wonder Years

I spent this evening reading a Koala book with my nephews, Andrew and Jakob. It was exactly what I needed this week. I've been so stressed with PSIA, TAPPS, well you guys have heard it all, but I just needed an hour or two to be Aunt Lizzy. On my way home, I started thinking about why I had so much fun just reading this Koala book with the boys. I think, partly, it reminded me of being a kid. I then started thinking about why I didn't remember how much I loved to learn things when I was younger. Then I thought this, "Teenage Years are spent forgetting good things about your childhood so you can have something to complain about and hate your parents for. So growing up must be the process of undoing your teenage years." I don't know if that's true or not, but that's my theory for the day. Of course, I don't really think I was your typical teenager. With Cassi a little nuts and Bobby just a baby, I immediately jumped into the middle child role, trying to make sure everyone was happy and keep the peace, well mostly at least. I never really hated mom like most teenage girls say they do, did I mom? I did however block out alot of the happy memories. Fighting with my sister, building Lego Land with my sister. We built a park one time out of miniature lego's that was really more like a mini-festival. We used our California Raisins and other "little people" to have a full attendance, including music and entertainment. I have a picture of it somewhere. I remember one of the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS I EVER RECIEVED. I hope you understand cause I can only describe it. I remember it was my fifth birthday, maybe sixth. It was a present that I got to open before everyone got there for some reason. But it was a book that had an electronic pen with it. I don't remember if the pen read the words or did something like that but I remember the feeling of excitement I had for that gift. So, I'm watching the kiddos for two days over spring Break and I talked to Cassi about taking the kids to the Science Spectrum in Lubbock. She said yes, so I told the kids before I left and I think they were excited. I mean those kids LOVE SCIENCE and this place has "over 200 exhibits on three floors" which caused Jakob to pretend to faint, haha. I remember Aunt Mary took Cassi and I to a couple of places like that down in Houston; we saw the butterfly exhibit and a dinosaur IMAX movie. So hopefully I get to take them to an IMAX movie too, but we'll have to see. So Tuesday I have a District Student Council Convention and Thursday and Friday we are driving a bus full of high school kids to the Dallas Cambridge School for District TAPPS competition. I'm really hoping our kids do AWESOME! OH, I also got news that Holy Cross came in THIRD AT PSIA THIS LAST WEEKEND!! There were about 7 schools participating so that's pretty GREAT!! For our first year, to get third place behind the two Lubbock schools that host these competitions every year. We beat St. Andrew's in Amarillo!! YEAH!!! Well, I now need to go grocery shopping. So I better wrap it up. Thanks for reading! HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK. LENT IS NEXT WEEK, SO BLESSINGS FOR A GOOD (??) LENTEN SEASON.
Until next time!

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