Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does it move you?

Ok, it's been a long time since I've written a blog. I'm sure some of you have been wondering what the deal was. Unless you have a facebook, in which you case you know everything that I do. :)

Here is a playlist that I'm actually listening to right now. It is not 100% Hanson songs so never fear.. but it does include a few of my favorites. The people who have actually listened to their music without judging me for being lame have (I think) enjoyed listening to it. So push play, it should just keep playing the whole time you are reading the rest of my blog.

The last blog was written over Spring Break so just for the sake of record keeping, here's a cliff's note version of the past almost two months:

Drove to Austin 3 weekends in a row for state competitions, students earned a 3rd place in Art, 3rd place in Spelling, 6th place in Persuasive Speaking and in Current Events, and 3 students earned a 1st division at State Music contest. Flew to Fort Worth for another state competition- which we participated in!! My workout buddy left, which has been a bummer. I've been able to go like once a week since she left...maybe. Totally my fault not hers. I still have a job! I became completely obsessed with a really phenomenal band.

That's really the only part that I can "summarize" the rest will need explanation.

Okay, so first my obsession with Hanson. I'll try not to talk about this too much, mostly cause I feel a tad bit crazy. If I were talking to Betsy, she would tell me to "rein in the psycho Ted" and I'm going to do my best. So a BIG perk of traveling on all of those trips was the HOTEL ROOMS! King Size Beds all to myself and VH1 playing as loud as I want in the mornings. One of those days the video for "Give a Little" came on and I was FLOORED that it was Hanson, like the MMBop boys from junior high! Intrigued and having nothing else to do at all of these competitions, I started investigating whether this was a come back or just something I didn't know about. It turns out these guys have been making music for like the past 18 years, which considering they are like MY age, is NUTS! (Side note: I think that's Bobby's fascination, I mean they were six writing and playing their own music!!) Anyways, I slowly spiraled into the "HANSON VORTEX" bringing a few victims or guests with me along the way. My students are totally not having it though. Anyways, you should go check out some more of their stuff if you have any interest in the stuff I have posted. To pique your interest let me just say that they now have EIGHT KIDS between the three of them! NUTS!

So the reason I had to post my Hanson obsession is because there is actually a tangent that has sprung off this obsession. After a few days of listening to their music and interviews, I started thinking about stuff, like why I was so obsessed, on my way to school one day. And here's what I came up with:
     Some of you should know that I'm a sucker for music. I really don't know where it comes from, Nanny, mom, dad, or if it's just me. I started feeling like I was 13 years old again, and for a long time I thought it was because I was obsessed with a boy band from when I was 13, but then I realized that it was something else. It was the actual music that I was listening to and oddly enough that kind of made me sad. Now, granted I'm not really THAT old, but there have been TONS of changes in short 26 years I've been alive. Just look at computers and phones! But Hanson's music is not about going to the club or drugs or whatever. And I think, honestly kids are so bombarded with that stuff that it's just NUTS! I'm not trying to sound all preachy or whatever, but occassionally I get a little freaked out. I mean it is on my radar that someday, in the future, I may have offspring. I would like for those offspring to have some sort of childhood, that includes hopefully at least hints of innocence and happiness. As a kid, I was not aware of celebrities and all of their issues and problems. But instead of getting off on a tangent, I'll just say that Hanson's music is just that: music. Music that I'm not ashamed to play in my classroom, that I would probably play for Nanny and I honestly think she would enjoy. It's got good beats, rhythms and then when you actually listen to the words, there's some really nice stories that go along with them and the HARMONIES!! Now, as you can tell if you are listening to the playlist, I'm still a sucker for some good beats. But for now, my Hanson obsession is here to stay and now it's out there in cyberspace for all to know and read about.

Now for just a few notes to finish it out. Congratulations go out to my roommate Paula who got engaged since my last blog too! Very happy for her and Eric. Her news actually brings more news, cause the house I live in currently is Paula's......So, my plan is to "move in" with my parents for the summer, I mean I'm at camp for 90% of the summer so HOPEFULLY I can handle it. The tentative and hopefully actual plan after that is to find an apartment with the other roommate, Teresa, sometime around August. Also, I recently announced that I will be walking with my mom in the 3 day walk this November. The only catch is that I have to raise $2,300 before November. Don't let that overwhelm you being a math teacher, I crunched the numbers : There are about 353 of you reading this on facebook, if each of you donated just $6.50 I would reach my goal. So donate however much you can. Tell your friends to donate by clicking here and sharing the website with anyone you know. THANKS A BUNCH!
Now, I would like to tell you when I plan to blog again, but I just don't see that happening. I've got Student Council Elections next week, Mustang Fun Day the same week as finals, PLUS I'VE GOT TO MOVE MY CRAP out of here so I can go on vacation with my family! So until next time. If you ever feel like talking Hanson with me, just let me know. This blog just scratched the surface... :)

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