Monday, May 16, 2011

guilt-free pleasure

First of all, I promise not to talk about Hanson. Well, except to say that I got to see a free concert this weekend AND MEET THEM and it WAS AMAZING. but surely you've all seen the video by now, so you know what a hopeless NERD I AM.. if not, send me a message. I'll send you a's worth seeing.

Ok, so I just had to write a blog about HOW MUCH I LOVE TEACHING HIGH SCHOOL! I NEVER, EVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SAY THAT. And it always seemed like an accident that I even got the job at Holy Cross. I mean, the main reason that I thought it was a good idea to move back to Amarillo in the first place was because Canyon was opening all of those new schools. After an amazing student teaching experience at Canyon, I REALLY WANTED TO WORK FOR CANYON ISD. But THAT just didn't happen. Then when the Holy Cross job opened and I went in for the interview, as I drove back to camp afterwards, I just had this feeling of, "I want to be here." Anyways, even then, when he told me I would teach Algebra 2, I was TERRIFIED. I was probably terrified of the high schoolers for at least the whole first week. Thankfully, I don't think they realized it. Then, this year when I had to teach seniors and dual credit- another challenge and more terror. But gratefully, when you work for someone that you know respects you and understands you, you have faith in what that person assigns you to do. I was also afraid that I was taking on too much, between the dual credit, PR, Student council, Academic competition, and "normal" teaching duties, I didn't think I could do it. Honestly, there may have been a few days when my classes didn't have a fantastic teacher everyday this spring, but luckily I had them "trained" and they knew what to do. Anyways, now here I am, next year will be my THIRD year at Holy Cross. Today, I shared my "weekend" experience with two of my high school classes. Next year, as of now at least, I believe that I'll be teaching my two geometry classes again (YEA), my dual credit class again (also YEA) and then 6th and 7th Math, I also believe that I'll be doing Student council and Academic Competitions, along with coordinating that trip to Italy and Greece. But I'm really excited. I hate the end of the year, but I LOVE THE START OF A NEW SCHOOL YEAR. It's odd how just talking about it, is making me excited. But we've already established the fact that I'm a nerd!!

Well, one thing that being at this school has done is encourage my organization, which has gone to Hell recently. I normally have my Semester Exams finished by the second week in May...I currently do not have them remotely close to being finished- and they are due in a I need to get to work on that. Exciting news, family is taking a vacation after school's out, going to San Antonio and Port Aransas. Even MY SISTER IS GOING!!! I'm so excited!! I just hope that I have all my stuffed packed up before then so I can come back and focus on camp and not on moving or something else! Another consequence of my ......distractions......but hey, at least my distraction is somewhat's not drugs or alcohol or something else that you can't come back from....although my behavior on Saturday may be difficult to come back from, it's not impossible. :)

ENJOY THE LAST 9 DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! (at least in this neck of the woods)

Until next time!

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