Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be optimistic

Well, as I type this it's still the 4th day of July, so Happy Independence Day!! Which also means that my birthday is only 3 weeks away!!! This year is kind of odd. First of all, according to the latest news report, we have recieved only 1.4 inches of precipitation this year and about half of that was SNOW! There have been MANY fires this spring/summer and the entire Texas Panhandle is under a burn ban and most counties have made it illegal to even have fireworks in your possession! I totally get why they did that, but it's still a bummer. It's a double whammy too, since our fundraiser for next year's Italy/Greece Trip was a firework stand. :(  So we still have to come up with a new fundraiser and the city put on a Laser Light show....After hearing the feedback, I'm glad that I didn't go. So, tomorrow I go back to camp for the last half of the summer camp season. This weekend has been nice; also quite busy, but nice. Long weekends are always nice. I spent this weekend moving back into my parents house. :) I sold my couch and the rest of my furniture is being stored in the basement for an undetermined amount of time. My unofficial plan is to pay off my credit card so I can actually afford a one bedroom apartment that doesn't suck. I have just made too many hasty decisions so I need to make sure that whatever I do next is in a positive direction. No more steps just for the sake of making a step.
Also with the previous school year finished, I'm more excited about the things that this next school year brings. I'll get to see my brother everyday at school!! I'm really excited about him transferring to Holy Cross. I also get to be in charge of a couple of things, I think. I think I still have my Academic Competition stuff- which I LOVE!! There's a chance of Student council, still. I know I have my Dual Credit class again. And a couple of other things that I KNOW I'll have. Like THANKSGIVING IN PARIS! YES PARIS, FRANCE. The closer the school year, the more excited I get about that!! Then for Spring Break- ITALY AND GREECE!! Of course, with the Academic competitions also comes all those trips in the spring, so don't plan on me attending any weekend event in March or April....haha. Oh, and also in November, I'm doing the 3 day Breast Cancer walk with my mom. (Click HERE to donate- I have to raise $2300 by November 4th :) ) I'm sure I am forgetting something else..I'm already excited about Basketball season, since my brother will be a Mustang this year. :) I'm still tutoring. It almost sounds like it's going to be another crazy year. :) The best part about it is that I work with some completely Awesome people that I get to call friends. You know, when I left Midland, that was my biggest concern. My friends in Midland will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, they were my first school family and they were fantastic friends, Mentors and coworkers. I wasn't sure that I would ever find another group of people like that and while the two groups are definitely different, I still feel blessed to actually WANT to go to work....most days. On the plus side (sort of), this year we have 12 personal days, for sickness or personal days, so I'll be able to take more days off. The sort of comes from the fact that they don't roll over, so I either use them or lose them. Guess which one I'll be doing? :)
One last thing. In case you were wondering, my Hanson Obsession has not been cured yet. So in honor of that obsession and spreading the disease to other soon-to-be Hanson fans, here's my video of the month that I'm sharing. Unless you're reading this on facebook, then you need to click "View Original Post" cause it only shows up on the actually blog. :) ENJOY. Until next time.

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