Sunday, November 18, 2012

What was that again?

So I'm pretty bummed. Yesterday, at some point during the day, I had an excellent idea for a blog. However, I decided to wait until today to blog about it, so that I could remember what it was. Now, after an eventful Saturday and a semi-eventful Sunday, I'm lying in bed, almost asleep trying to remember my brilliant idea. I'm hoping it pops into my head at some point. Until then, I'll just have to relive my Paris trip! It's crazy that a year ago this week, I was getting ready for it!, right now there are no major trips coming up. Oh well, I need a year to recuperate. It's odd how once an idea is in your head, turns into something completely different by the light if day. Well, unfortunately, I really am quite tired. So here's hoping I figure out what they were dancing too.

Just FYI, I could have changed the last sentence, but decided to leave it cause it's funny and it shows just HOW tired I really am...ok. I have to stop typing now!

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