Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almost forgot

So I almost forgot to blog today!! Ahhh! I've made it to day 15 so I can't mess it up now. I'm halfway through with this crazy mission!! So since, once again, I'm waiting until the last hour, this will be short-ish. So today's prompt is about my favorite pet. It's a close call between two dogs: Chloe and Ginger. Ginger was my first dog, a beagle, that was part of the family until I was about 9 or 10. She ate home-made ice cream with us and even occassionally sampled dad's beer. She was chill but a good dog. Chloe was Nanny's dog, a Boston Terrier. She was almost like a cousin that was adopted into the family. Whenever Nanny went out of town, Chloe stayed with me, she's the only dog that I've let sleep in the same bed with me. She would curl up under the covers and lay there like a little person. I loved playing with Chloe. She had a rope or a doll that you could play tug of war with and we would just hit it and yell "shake it, Baby" and she would just shake the crap out of the doll. Chloe left with Nanny's ex-husband, the only man I've known as Grandpa, just before she passed away. We've had so many pets between Ginger and Jessie, our current dog. Lots of stray cats and puppies. Oh, I also had an imaginary pet bird, named Becky, when I was younger. Becky the bird would definitely be a close third for my favorite pet!! :)

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