Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Journals, blogs, and what not

I'm getting a head start on today's post, so that I'm not trying to think of something at the last minute. I just think it is curious the different ways people record events in their life. I know some people that don't have to write anything down and can tell you exactly when something happened and what else was going on in the world at the same time. Sometimes I can string a series of events together that way, but not nearly as well as these people. Many of these people go on to be "historians." I have also known a few people who are faithful note takers, keeping record on an almost daily basis of the on goings of life. I'm always amazed, when these works are later published, that the writer managed to describe in such detail exactly what they were feeling. I have, from time to time, gone back and re-read my own personal "captain's logs." I have probably filled maybe 4 journals of various sizes in my short 28 years. I can tell you, oddly enough, the exact date that I began my diary, as I called it back then. For Valentine's Day in 1993, my mother gifted me with a small pink teddy bear diary, with lock. I think that got me through junior high, I skipped my high school years, which lets face it, doesn't skip much. Nowadays, people have video blogs, blogs, journals, diaries and so many other things. Honestly, you could take all of the pictures and status updates from Facebook as a type of journal. Interesting how these things have changed, and by doing so have changed the way the world works. I leave you with this final thought: how would the world have reacted if Anne Frank had a video blog or Facebook page?

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