Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey, Dragons and Canada!

As I've blogged recently, I was trying really hard not to be disappointed that I was "just" staying at home this year, as opposed to my last thanksgiving or visiting family in other parts of Texas. I now realize how silly that was! Today was a great day! I started out the morning sleeping in! Then drove out to my parents house where my niece and nephew had spent the night. Of course, I made it just in time for breakfast too! The I decided to enforce a no technology rule, no technology until after we ate lunch. Which surprisingly, everyone was ok with, we'll almost! My nephew Andrew was NOT a happy camper. He decided our games were boring, which I don't understand because we had SO MUCH fun! No one was a sore loser! We laughed when we lost and when we won! We probably played games for a good 4 or 5 hours this morning! Of course, Andrew never really caved. He played for about 30 minutes and about two hours later, grandma caved cause she was tired of the pouting. The of course, the eating! That's what I like about thanksgiving. Family gathering without all the pressure of gift giving. One thing I would like to do as a parent one day, is find some way to take the focus from gift giving at Christmas time. I remember having things I wanted at Christmas and I was slightly disappointed when those things didn't appear on Christmas morning. I don't remember being rude about the presents I did get though. In recent times, I'm just grateful that someone has thought of me to get me something. I put so much pressure on myself to get good gifts for people though, it's exhausting. HOWEVER--it's still thanksgiving!!! So for now, I'm just going to be grateful for this wonderful day and time spent with family! Here's hoping wherever you are that you spent time with your loved ones!

PS. the title has a few pretty funny stories, if you wanna hear them, sometime!

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