Tuesday, November 6, 2012

this is harder than it seems

So, confession time: When I started this, I thought it would be easy. Let me just say right now, IT'S NOT! I was thinking the whole way home this evening about something I could blog about. I think I had an idea, but I've done forgot it now. (Decided to throw a little Texan in there for ya..) I could blog about the election, and I will just to say that it's going on. I'm not sure what will happen. I could stay up and watch, but instead I'm in my bed making youtube playlists, blogging, about to watch this really awesome TV show that was just introduced to me. If you're looking for something new to watch, might I pass along a recommendation to you, "Foyle's War." It is really quite good. I love watching CSI type shows, or "whodunnit" type shows. Usually though, I'm disappointed because I can predict the ending in the first five minutes. That's actually true for most TV shows and movies though....This however has not been the case in the first three 90 minute episodes that I've watched. Even better is that it is set in World War II in England. It is really quite good. I'm telling you, man, I never know who the killer is until the very end! It is on Netflix, if you're interested. Well, time to finish my Michael Buble Playlist, maybe some others, too. Adios!

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  1. I have been thinking the very same thing. This is my first time at NaBloPoMo and it will definitely be a challenge to come up with things to say every day. Good luck with your posts :D