Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snap yo' fingers

So today is November 10th. Today would have been my grandmother's, aka Nanny, 80th birthday. We called her Nanny because she said she was too old to be a "grandma." Nanny was 69 when she died and she did not look 69, she never looked like a typical grandma though. But then again, she was anything but typical. Nanny is and always will be the coolest person I have ever known. My sister and I would spend a week or two at her house each summer. Most days were spent in her kitchen watching TV and playing cards or driving around shopping at garage sales. A lot of times there was music playing if the tv wasn't on. If music was on, Nanny was dancing. Nanny had the cutest dance. She would snap her fingers and "sing" along, I saw that cause she wouldn't actually sing the words. I chatted with nanny about so many things. It's odd that so many years later, I still wish I could talk with her about things that are happening in my life. It is not weird that this many years later, I still remember the moments leading up to her last moments on earth. All the family had come down, it was Sunday morning and summer time, which means I was scheduled to head to camp in a few hours. Everyone left to get food, except for mom and I. I could list the ways that I was influenced by nanny, but that wouldn't do her justice. In this month of thanks and remembering the dead, for us Catholics, I feel like nanny is closer to me. Usually November reminds me of her absence. So I guess this is what progress feels like...

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