Monday, November 26, 2012

Not so fast, Batman...

So I only have five more days of this and of course this week is like the busiest week ever. And of course, I almost forgot today! As long as I get it in before midnight! Today was the first day back after a five day weekend, and I'm not going to lie, it was not easy. I could have gone for a nap after lunch, but no such luck. Tonight was night 1 of basketball games; there are 3 nights of BB this week. There's also a dinner theatre, parent night and a Christmas gathering. I guess it is just that time of year! I had an odd thought this evening when I was eating supper. I guess it is a sign of growing up, which I guess it is about time that happens, ha. So as a kid, and for most of my adult life, I've not enjoyed spicy food or scary movies. Within the last two years I suppose, I've really started to enjoy spicy food, especially my dads homemade salsa. And now, I just recently saw a preview for a scary movie, that's also about zombies, that I want to see. I have a hunch it may be more about Brad Pitt than the movie, but I think I'll end up seeing it anyway. I don't think this will be the start of me liking scary movies though. I'm just too terrified of the dark for that to really go anywhere. I've tried to watch scary movies and I just can't do it. It never fails, I'll watch a semi-scary movie and I'll lay in bed all night imagining that someone is trying to kill me. In fact, just typing about this is giving me the willies!!

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