Monday, November 12, 2012

Well then!

So today has been interesting! I'm currently sitting on a very comfortable bed. Let me give a quick shout out to La Quinta Inn; I always have a choice when I travel, and I usually choose La Quinta! Comfortable beds, good breakfast, free wifi. I love traveling with my students, even when they drive me a little crazy and I'm trying to figure out where an actual mall is, instead of a fake mall. Even when, I start out the day much earlier than planned, because of a slight misunderstanding. Even when, I fall back asleep and wake up 8 minutes before I told the other teacher I would be at school. Even when, every other word is "like" or "right." I can't really tell you in words why I enjoy these trips, I think you just have to experience them. Let me just say that everyone should have a "Taylor Swift Jam Out Session" with a car full of teenage girls and boys at some point in their life. Our choice of song today was "You Belong With Me" but I'm sure any of them would work. Tomorrow is our One Act play performance. I'm really excited. The kids have done really well!! So think about us tomorrow around 2:30!!! I'll let you know!

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