Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't forget your toothbrush

So this blog isn't going to be very long. For one thing, it's dangerously close to Midnight. For another, I still need to pack for my trip in 9 short hours. Today was unique. I woke up in a not-very-good mood. I had to wait for the suddenlink guy to leave, to make it to the turkey dinner with my family. Then I went shoe shopping, after yesterday's 5K, I was in desperate need of new shoes. After being severely disappointed that apparently shoes in my size are a rare find, I went and tutored for an hour. Then onto my nephew's birthday party, which I found out about AT THE TURKEY DINNER...Then I decided to go back to Kohl's and try again to find shoes after someone suggested that I try men's sizes. I had to go back to Kohl's though, I mean, I had a coupon!!! Then I had time to eat dinner and put on my men's size 10 and 1/2 shoes (GOOD GRIEF RIGHT!?!) before heading up to school for one last dress rehearsal for the one act play. Then I had to finish my sub plans. The whole day though, I just hated everything! And then I hated that I hated everything- it was just this vicious cycle that just SUCKED. So I get home, start my laundry and get a text message from my "adopted" big brother that says "Wanna hear me sing?" At first, my hate mood was like "Ugh, Adam...what do you want!?!" But I didn't say that. Instead I said "Um, Maybe? lol" So he called and sang! haha. His phone was about to die so we decided to keep talking until it died, mostly to see who would get the last word. He was hoping to win with "For the love of God, please wear deodorant!" Alas, he underestimated the power of the iPhone's battery. I just got a text saying that I won the last word award with "I don't mind dogs sometimes.." I'm not going to lie, that just made the day not SUCK! For one thing, I like winning. For another, someone sang to me.

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