Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What'd that be like?

This is a very interesting thanksgiving for me. I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is easily one of my favorite holidays. I love hanging out with the family playing games and eating and drinking. Always a good time. So last year, I spent thanksgiving in Paris! It was odd for me, I mean, I was going to Paris!! How can you complain about that??? But on the other hand, I was missing thanksgiving! Of course, I got over that! Hahaha, I'm not a stupid girl and after all I was in PARIS, FRANCE! So this year, we are staying in Amarillo for thanksgiving. The rest of the family is gathering in Dallas for fun and festivities. So in order to not be sad for something so ridiculous, I'm just viewing these days as a vacation. Today AMC is showing "Gone with the wind" all day. I've only ever seen parts of it..never the whole thing. So this morning, I watched part one and now I'm just waiting for part two to come on again and re watching part one. But I started thinking about something, and I'm sure ill dream about it this evening. But I'm also posing this question to the people of the Internet. What would life be like if the South had won the war? If the South had seceded from the North? Would we still be existing as two separate nations? Would we be the "powerhouse" of the world as we, at least once, were? Would something have brought us back together? World War I or World War II perhaps? Or would our division just made us an easy target for these wars? Would people in the south still be living like they were back in those days? Just something to think about as you enjoy turkey, friends, family and loved ones.

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