Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home-cooked ridicule

I am typing this blog from my parent's kitchen table. I missed the last Sunday dinner so I made it up tonight. My dad made sausage and potatoes, which might be one of my favorite meals, which also tells me that he misses me, just a little bit. Now my brother is working on his math homework and I'm waiting for my nails to dry to paint the other hand. My mom is walking around somewhere, doing something. My family, and I don't mean just my immediate family, has a unique relationship. Basically, if they're aren't making fun of you to your face, they're probably talking about you behind your back. Hahaha. We're not really that bad. Just call each other out on their BS. It really makes family gatherings, of any size or reason, pretty enjoyable. This evening, there was just four, but the laughter was just as enjoyable as if there were 20. So, if you haven't seen your loved ones recently, call em up and give em hell. Let em know you appreciate them.

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