Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ya happy now?

I don't really like the prompts for this last week, I feel like they're just a bit lame. However, over the past few days, trying to find time to finish my blog before midnight, I've found myself wondering what else I could challenge myself to do every day for a month. The thing about blogging is that I can do it wherever and whenever I want. I need to think of somethings to challenge myself soon though; December starts very shortly! I could do some sort of "exercise" or stretching. I could do something with photography. I could read as many books as possible, but that would be hard to do "every day." I could write a letter to someone every day!! Ooh, I like that one!! That is a close top runner! It could be like my way of sending Christmas cards this year!! Feel free to comment if you have any ideas! I'm always surprised at the things that I don't think of! Only three more days of blogging every day left!!!

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