Monday, January 7, 2013

Clay, silk, stone or paper

So it's "New Year's Resolution" Time again. I just realized that I didn't really make any resolutions in 2012, so I guess that means for 4 straight years, I have not broken my resolutions! counts! However, I've decided to do something different this year. At first, I felt like my resolutions are more selfish than past years'. However, after some googling and thesaurus work, I've come up with a few ways to summarize. In 2013, my goals will be more directed with self-regard. I also thought about using "self-interest", but I liked self-regard the best. So again, this year these will be goals for the year. I may add some throughout the year depending on the progress of these.

1. Finish 2013 DEBT FREE. I'm so close to achieving this goal it just makes me giddy. Two or three years ago was the time that I really started to realize that I had a problem. I think, for learning's sake, I will share this information. I think it would be safe to say that I moved back from Midland in 2009 with over $23,000 in debt. I bought a car, I had my student loans and then I didn't follow a budget and stupidly decided to use my credit card like it was no big deal. Now, I'm close to $6,000 in debt. My car and credit card debt will be paid off in a matter of months, seriously, so then only my student loans will remain and if I get serious about it, it should be gone by October! I have to give my dad a big shout out for help with this one! Thanks for letting me move back home, rent free, and for helping me pay off my credit card without interest!

2. Run a Half-Marathon. Yeah, I've never really been a runner. But I did used to like working out. Unfortunately, my money wasn't the only thing that disappeared in Midland. In college, we went dancing at least once a week, plus, we would play basketball in the rec or intramural softball. I've blogged before about how much progress I've already made in the weight loss department since moving back home. However, in two years, not much more progress has been made. I've been stuck. I've worked out here and there, I've ate better here and there, but haven't really gotten anywhere, not long term anyways. So, with a little push from a few friends, I'm training for a half-marathon. We are looking for a date still, along with a place, so if anyone else would like to run a half-marathon with us, let me know. I did my first "real workout" yesterday. Thankfully, I now live 5 minutes from a park, so on weekends that it's not too cold I plan on walking to the park for my workout. Otherwise, I can go to the gym. Also, any runners out there with any advice, please give it to me. SERIOUSLY- ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME! From shoe brands to clothes brands, to diets, stretches to anything else that I just don't know about. Also, if any one ever wants to run with me, right now, it's a walk-jog,'ll get there. I'm also looking for other forms of "cross-training" so any sort of fun, athletic activity you have in your back pockets, feel free to share!

3. Go Back to School. As of today, I'm still very much undecided about what I want to get my Master's Degree in, I just know that I want to get it. I was discussing it this weekend and here's my options, basically, after passing the GRE:
  • Math Degree: I have to go back and fill in some pre-reqs that I didn't get while getting my bachelor's first. Once finished, I could either continue teaching High School, with a small raise, or I could teach math at the college level. Either of those options is okay with me. I really, really, enjoy learning and teaching math.
  • Education Degree: There aren't any other pre-reqs that I would have to get. Basically getting this degree would ensure that I move up the "food chain" of education. I could be an administrator or something like it, which of course, would mean more money. After moving up the "chain" at Girl Scout Camp, I'm not so sure that I'm ready to start doing that in teaching. I really enjoy teaching and I'm just afraid I would miss it!
So, my first step this spring is to study for and pass the GRE, then once my undergrad is paid for (see goal #1), I can go get something. This gives me some time to decide what I want to do, or what is right for me.

4. Re-flourish my spiritual life. Nothing stays the same forever, but things need to grow and change as we grow and change. Starting at Holy Cross really revitalized my spiritual life after a two year drought with prayer multiple times a day, weekly school mass, religious and spiritual discussions with my students and more. But now, I need to do something else, something more. For the past month or so, I've been participating in Eucharistic Adoration at St. Thomas every week. That really has been a good start, but it's just that: a start. There's got to be more out there for me and I'm determined to find it!

So those are my "self-oreinted" goals for 2013. As I said, I may add to these throughout the year, especially as these are completed. The main difference between these and my old resolutions is that these have nothing to do with anyone but me, really. That's unusual for me, and I'm really looking forward to it. Lately, I've been quoting Seinfeld, not really sure what that's about, but I have a clip that fits this situation. Happy New Year!

Oh and just for fun I'll add one more...
5. Use "Maybe the Dingo Ate Your Baby" in casual conversation.

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