Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I don't do emotions...

Notable November to you all! I have a couple of neat things to blog about. First, my roommates and I just hosted our first gathering in celebration of Halloween and Teresa's birthday. Not going to lie, it was pretty great. My costume was alot of fun, for me at least. Haha. I was Antoine Dodson and if you don't know who that is you should go look him up on YouTube. I won apples to apples and it was the first time I had ever played. They say that the cards you get are supposed to describe you and my five cards were Easy, Cool, Tough, Sensual and Stunning. I'm not really sure I have an opinion on that.... If any of my friends are reading this though, THANKS so much for coming!!! Also thanks to Neon, without whom I would have never had such a great costume.
Red Ribbon Week was last week and while I was completely stressed most of the week, I really think that it was a great week! I got to go around to each homeroom and show an anti drug video that focused on pain killers and I had some really good discussions. I had never really thought that my ex-friendships (just one really) would come out to be helpful, at least in this manner. It was kind of sad talking about someone that used to be my best friend. I have started to just accept the fact that she just isn't the same person that was my friend, not really sure she ever will be..
I told you all last week that I'm going on the trip to Italy & Greece with some students from school. We started telling the students about it, set up a meeting. So, one of the 10th graders asked the other sponsor if this was an "academic trip" and of course he answered yes. The student seemed dissappointed but he explained that this was not a trip for him to find an Italian girlfriend. Well, we were saying this in front of my principal, who looked at him and said "Isn't that why you're going?" HAHA, anyway. She then went on to say that Italian women and men are very emotional and dramatic. My response to that was the inspiration to the title, I don't do emotions. Then someone was saying that you wouldn't be able to understand them anyway, which made me think that he could be throwing a fit and I would just be staring at him saying "oh, how cute." Well, I better wrap this up. Only 16 more school days until Thanksgiving BREAK!! Yeah!!
Until next time...

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  1. When is this trip to Italy and Greece? Hope it's spring break..... You can get pointers from Sarge on Greece.