Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, I guess I'm running a little short on creativity, cause "Rocktober" was the best that I could come up with tonight. I decided to blog "midbook" because there's something about this book that I REALLY, REALLY LIKE and it's better to blog while, well, I should just start my blog now.
So, I'm curently reading "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan and I've really enjoyed it so far. As I'm reading, I find myself thinking of all the reasons that I like reading. One reason I enjoy reading so much is because I find it very similar to solving a puzzle, which I guess it is. I like predicting what's going to happen and changing the prediction as I continue reading. I like BEING RIGHT! I mean, who doesn't right? Same reason I like Math. For example, I've been tutoring someone fo Trig and tonight there was one problem that had me stumped so I came home and drew one picture, and when that didn't work I drew another picture. I just kept adjusting my picture until it made sense and was something you could work with and I finally got it. I'm not sure where one gets the desire to figure things out like that.  I'm not sure if it's from childhood, genetics, school. I don't know, but however you get bitten by the bug, I've been bitten. It seems as though being a teacher has sparked my interest in learning.
Something else being a teacher has sparked, my interest in travel. I never realized before how connected it was to learning but it really is. Which brings me to another announcement that isn't new to those of you that already read it on facebook. I will be traveling with a group of students from Holy Cross to Italy & Greece duing Spring Break of 2012. I'm REALLY excited about this!! Í'm planning it with another of the younger teachers from Holy Cross and I've talked to a couple of the students about it and they seem really stoked about it. So let this be my first plea for help fundraising. We will be doing LOTS of fundraisers cause we have so long until the trip. I'm hoping to do some really fun, creative fundraisers, instead of the same old boring ones.
Another thing I've decided to try and take on is a Girl Scout Troop. My wonderful niece Aubrey has been involved every year until now and she says she doesn't want to do it anymore. When I asked her if she would join if I were her leader she said yes. At the time, I was just kind of saying it. Then I was asked to lead a troop last weekend at Camp Kiwanis through an overnight. Even though I didn't know any of the girls, I had such a FANTASTIC TIME, so noooww, I'm looking into becoming a real leader for Aubrey, with my wonderful sister as the Assistant Troop leader of course. :) My roommate says I'm crazy, and I'm sure she's right, but WHATEVER. I'm only young once, right? I mean, some day, I'll have a family and what not and won't have the time to do ALL OF THIS STUFF. Well, maybe I'll find a way, haha. Anyway.
It's late. I have a workshop with my Senior High Student council tomorrow and next week is Red Ribbon Week, so needless to say, I'm ready for October to be over. Plus, NOVEMBER MEANS THANKSGIVING. Pace Family, I have an email in my "Draft" Box that I will send out immediately after finishing this. So, it should have already made it to your inbox. :) Have a great rest of the week!
Until next time!

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  1. YAY! I can't wait to hear your stories when you become a troop leader :)