Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the final (not really) countdown

Alright so first things first, WITH SEMESTER TESTS, I only have 23 school days left!!!! I'M PRETTY PSYCHED ABOUT THAT!!! It would be 25 if it weren't for item #2...
I'm also pretty stoked about next weekend! My cousin Duke is getting married!! It's been WAY TOO LONG since I've seen them, so I'm very excited to get to spend a couple of days up there in Michigan....not excited about the 18 hour-both ways-road trip with my mom, brother and dad...but I'm assigning a vocabulary project so I should have some grading to do. :) plus I've got the iPhone and a portable DVD player so I should survive...hopefully. If not, this could be my last blog..just kidding :) So some of you may have read from facebook or heard it from me, but I'm moving out of my apartment this summer!! No, not back to mom and dad's...(ugh- love you guys)... a friend of mine has a house and two empty bedrooms, so Teresa and I are moving in! I'm pretty stoked about this as well. I've never really had roommates, with the exception of girl scout camp, but that doesn't really count cause we had to share a living space. The other thing that this has inspired is a case of puppy fever!! I can't currently have a dog in my apartment, so it has even been on my radar, but when Teresa brought it up with Paula the other day- something sparked. Then I went to Midland to visit my wonderful friends (I'll come back to that) and my wonderful hosts, Karrie and Jason, had the cutest little Maltese dog, Grace, that completely stole my heart. So once we get moved in and everything, I anticipate having a conversation about a getting a puppy/dog :) So as I said, last weekend I drove down to Midland to visit my amazing, wonderful teacher friends! Friends really isn't the right word. They really were my second family. They took me to the doctor, they brought me food when I was sick, they laughed, talked, shared pretty much everything with me! They're really the most amazing group of teachers EVER! I was a little disappointed that some of them couldn't make it, some of them already had plans or children to be responsible for, or..something. But at least we have Facebook! Is it weird that part of me is worried that after a year, they're not going to want to be my friends anymore? Just like a year after college, I started talking to most of my friends from college less, I'm worried that's going to happen. It was a very bittersweet drive home. If you're reading this Midlanders, know that I'm truly blessed to know all of you and I thank you for a wonderful evening last week.
I don't remember what number we're on, but there are only 45 MORE days until CAMP STARTS!! (I'm sorry if that freaks you out Natalie, but I'm stoked and let me know if I can help do anything else..) This is a pretty big year for me- this summer will be my TENTH SUMMER to be on Staff at Girl Scout Camp Kiwanis!! That's pretty dang cool, don't ya think? Sure that only adds up to like 20 months or something, but still TEN SUMMERS!!
I actually think that's just about it, except don't forget to donate to my March of Dimes Walk this weekend!
Every little bit counts and I'm getting closer to my goal! Thanks to those who've donated- and if you know anyone that wants to donate, just send them my link! It'll be much appreciated! Also, sorry for the 1990's surfer dude vocabulary, I guess I need to look up a couple of synonyms for "stoked" and "psyched." Well, I'll hopefully I'll get to see you all someplace other than the Cyber-world, but until then! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
(Kudos to my sister for getting that reference a couple of blogs ago)


  1. OK, so what is the decision you will be making? You talked/teased us about it blog before last.

  2. Ok so now that my mascara is running down my face right before I leave for school, I must say we can NEVER forget you! I can speak for myself, but Iwas really excited about getting to see you and eat great food with all of the jones girls!! ANytime I am in Amarillo I will have to see you and probably go eat!! LOL we are planning a summer trip already so I reallly need to know you schedule with camp! Ok so ANYWAY, don't get those crazy ideas about us Midlanders in your head any more! You are unforgetable and we(I) will always take the opp to see you!! <3 ya and miss ya Lizzy!!!