Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alright already...

So I've been teasing to write one of these for a while. Not sure how this is going to work. I'm typing it on my new iPad...I know, I know, did I really have to go there? Yes, yes, I did. :) but I apologize now if there are mistakes.
Wow. I really have only written ONE ALL YEAR!! That's nuts! (but also reflective of my hectic, insane, super busy semester...) Last spring was pretty busy but this semester has taken the top prize. It started early too, January I was traveling already, I had my Campus PSIA Invitational Tournament, then February was more traveling with TWO district Academic competitions on the same weekend. Of course I was also preparing for the trip to Italy & Greece, then in March was the actual trip. As soon as I got back, I had two State meets in Austin to get ready for, back to back. Oh then there was this whole Spring Formal thing. In the meantime I was teaching classes, although I didn't teach a Whole week from February to April 21!! Oh and I've taken on two more students to tutor, although that extra money has been nice. Now Spring Formal is almost here, along with Semester Exams and then of course camp is right after school is done. I feel like I've left something out...but just writing all of that makes my brain hurt. In the next few weeks, I will finish up my FIFTH year of teaching and begin my TWELFTH summer at camp! In September, is my 10 year high school reunion...ugh! There are a few things that make ALL OF THAT worth it. One of those things, my AMAZING FRIENDS!! Some people would include coworkers in that, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to call my coworkers my friends. I've said it before but my all time favorite (free) extracurricular activity is laughing!! I'm so glad that I've been blessed with a sense of humor! I've met a few people who barely even crack a smile, and that's just SAD! We had a school luncheon/pot lunch today. I tried my first kiwi. No, I didn't like it, the taste was alright but--texture!! Ugh! To make a long story short, as I was trying it, almost the entire staff stared and watched and waited with enthusiastic anticipation to learn whether I would enjoy eating a kiwi! While this may sound odd and not at all boring, I found it funny. I'm not sure how I got to where I am. Sometimes I think back to the frightened 13 year old that I was back in the day, when everyone liked mmmbop! (Sorry, had to throw that in!) but if you had told me I would be THIS person, no one would have believed it. Confidence is such an odd thing, a tricky thing. It's a very fine line that if crossed, either way, can be dangerous. So thank you to everyone that has helped pushed me, one way or another, to stay balanced between cocky and self-conscious.
I don't really have much else to say really. I am going to a formal high school dance for the first time in probably ten years....should be interesting!! Oh, while I'm thinking of it. Can you guys help? I'm completely on the fence about my hair, big deal right, but I've included a picture with both blonde and brunette hair. I'm letting you decide. It will be done before spring formal. My abilities to make a decisions have not really improved this year, as you can see......
Until next time!

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