Wednesday, July 21, 2010

North to the future

I'm sure that as an informed citizen of the USA, many people would assume that I've researched everything there is to know about Seattle and the various stops in Alaska. And in truth, I have at least read the information given to me by the cruise line and the few things that Uncle Don sent to us. But I think that sometimes, the best things to see in a place are the ones that aren't advertised or promoted a whole lot. My plan is to get off the boat at every shop and just walk around the different towns, do some shopping, eat some food or drink some drinks. The only thing that I HAVE TO SEE in Alaska is the Totem Pole collection!! I've always had a slight fascination with totem poles, not one that is very dominant or anything. I don't like research them or know a lot about them, but if one's in front of me, I will look at it. And of course, I'm hoping to see LOTS of Wildlife!! A few weeks ago, I purchased an 8 GB SD card, and with mom's camera, I can take up to 4000 pictures!! I'm sure you're saying "YOU are taking pictures with your mom's camera??" Well, you're only saying that if you haven't seen mother try to take pictures....HAHAHA! sorry mom, there's lots of things that you do much better than me, but we all know that photography is not your strength! My 5Th grade pictures include absolutely NO HEADS, it's like I went to an alien school where everyone was headless that year.... anyway- I'm sure like everyone I've told this to before you're thinking "FOUR THOUSAND PICTURES?!? IS THAT A TYPO?" or "I'm not sure that I want to look at 4,000 pictures..." And don't worry, I don't really plan on taking that many pictures, but the girl scout in me would rather be over prepared for this situation. I mean what happens if I can only take 400 and the 401st picture is like a whale or bear or something bad ass like that....I mean WOULDN'T THAT SUCK!! OH, something else that I'm looking forward to is Seattle, maybe it's because we're going to be there for several days so we're actually making plans, but we're going to a Seattle Mariners game, the only disappointment is that a week or two before we're going, they're playing the Yankees!! But that can't be helped. So I'm missing a few things on this trip. I'm missing Staff Party at Camp, which I'm kind of sad about, but when you compare it to Alaska- I mean...sorry camp staff, but it just doesn't compare. so enough about the trip already....
I've moved out of my apartment!! YEAH!!!! I'm so glad for several reasons: 1) I HATED those apartments, sure they were close, but ugh- I HATED THEM! 2) I know have TWO FANTASTIC ROOMMATES!! (of course, I'm sure some of you are laughing at me, especially since I've never had roommates that weren't related to me, or that were temporary (camp) but I'm pretty pumped about it.) 3) I just feel like living alone was not good for me, it's not good for most people, but if I find room for all of my crap I'll really like it- I may have to sell most of it...
I'm also missing some school stuff, but my principal knows about it and is cool with it. One thing I'm nervous about missing is a meeting at Amarillo College, cause instead of teaching Calculus as originally planned, it looks like I'm going to be teaching Dual Credit College Algebra. I'm unsure of this. Honestly though, I was unsure about pretty much everything this year and I made it through that, so I'm going to work really hard to make sure I do well this year. You can't screw up a thing like college Algebra, but maybe since it's through the college, it'll be better than I thought. Well, I will more than likely NOT post a blog before the trip. I may write one during the trip and post it afterwards but you know for a fact that there will be one at the conclusion of the trip!
9 days until the cruise
3 days until my birthday
Thanks for reading guys! Happy summertime!

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  1. Are you sure your mother took those 5th grade headless pictures.......sounds like it could have been your grandmother. Maybe it's just that your mother takes after her mother. :-)