Friday, May 14, 2010

Something to Write Home About....

I’ve noticed that the last few blogs have been a little lengthy so I will try to not be so verbose this blog around. Sorry for the length, but lots happened! This week alone, I thought I was going to Vegas for a workshop and that my school was paying, then I found out that I don’t get to go to Vegas. I’m really okay about not going. It will be much more fun to go to Vegas with a group of people for a weekend or something than by myself to a workshop. Plus it would have been a short trip and I would have missed part of pre-camp. So I’m currently investigating another opportunity for a make-up workshop that could involve a nice Fall trip to South Texas! So stay tuned South Texas Residents!
I guess I can say this next thing out loud now, but I signed my contract today for the 2010-2011 school year to be a teacher at
Holy Cross Catholic Academy! Sorry I had to drag it out a little bit! I was looking for some other opportunities to make more money and I thought that meant going to a public school. Well I was kindly reminded that I don’t make the plans!! Fortunately, I am being taken care of in other ways. Not only will I save more money moving in with 2 amazing friends, I will also be taking on more responsibilities at school which means more money, at least enough to replace my current second job. Now that I know what my plans are for next year, I can focus a little easier. I’ve started to get excited about next year, which is CRAZY, I KNOW! But I’ll be teaching a group of kids that I taught or at least saw everyday! And I’ll know what the heck I’m doing, so it will go much, much smoother- which can’t be a bad thing cause this year was pretty dang smooth! I also requested this week to teach GEOMETRY next year, which I’m excited about. My Geometry teacher was one of my LEAST FAVORITE MATH TEACHERS! I had the most fun but it was the lowest math grade I’ve ever had! So this will be like my second chance at Geometry!
Well, there’s not much more going on! I put in my notice at the Funeral Home which means camp is getting closer!! There are only 5 regular school days left, a Mustang Fun Day and then 4 half-days of Semester Tests! You’ll probably get one more blog from me before camp starts, but I hope all the teachers out there have a wonderful end of school year festivities and such! IT’S ALMOST SUMMERTIME!!

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