Saturday, January 2, 2010

an early start

So I'm pretty sure I told you about my new year's resolution, but just in case. My plan is to read at least one book a month...well I think it's going to be a lot more than one, at least in some months. My thinking on this is because I've already finished the first book I bought. I was going to utilize the Library during this expedition, but I just like the thought of having them all on a shelf and someday telling someone, I read all of those books in 2010. That may sound wierd or whatever, but it's what I want to do...just may have to get a third job in order to afford it, lol.
So my first book to take on was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. As you may have heard, it's soon to become a major motion picture and I like to read the books before I go see the movie, otherwise I have no motivation to read it, knowing how it will end. It was an interesting book, I'm going back in forth on whether or not I want to see the movie but I will probably end up seeing it anyway- if nothing else, out of pure curiousity. I told you that I wouldn't give anything away about the book, and I will stay true to that. In case you haven't heard of it, well, go watch a preview, cause the book is really about so much more than the preview. Anyways, one of the things I enjoy when reading, is finding a way to relate to the characters or the story or some part of it. I wanted to share an excerpt from the book, that I think expresses my feelings on something that I've never been able to express this way.

"I know it's not as immediate as email, but that's what I like about it," she wrote me. "I like the surprise of finding a letter in the mailbox and the anxious anticipation I feel when I'm getting ready to open it. I like the fact that I can take it with me to read at my leisure.....I like to imagine the way you looked when you wrote it: what you were wearing, your surroundings, the way you held your pen..."

In case you didn't catch it, she's talking about the reason that she prefers to use "snail mail" as opposed to email. And I TOTALLY GET IT! I love getting mail! I took out parts of it that I didn't want to put in there to give anything away, but it's a really good book.
For my next book, I think I will either continue the Harry Potter series or read "My Sister's Keeper." Mostly cause those are the books I have and I need some recovery time after Christmas :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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