Friday, May 18, 2012

Give a little Heart & Soul

Had to share a quick piece of news with all of you!!! Especially those of you not on Facebook. Tonight was our school's award banquet and there's a relatively new award that they give out known as the "Ray Huseman Heart & Soul" award. It's given to a member of the community, either parent, faculty, staff or volunteer who goes above and beyond. Since I stick my nose in everything, my asst. head of school told me yesterday that someone else was getting it, someone I thought was quite deserving of this award. Well what do I know? They gave it to me!!! I cried and had to give people all kinds of hugs. As a teacher, I'm not really in it for the recognition but I just had to say that it's quite a nice feeling. So thank you to all of you have helped me get to where I am. Looking back at the shy 16 year old kitchen aide from 12 years ago, or the geeky little trombone player with a loud mouth, I can't believe it. I'm looking forward to continuing on this journey!! There are too many people to list and too great of a chance of me missing someone. So just consider yourself thanked!!! I've included a picture of my plaque that will now hang in my school forever. Wow, so typing that just now was surreal. It's the same school that my uncle, aunt and dad once attended. The REALLY COOL thing is that my grandmother and namesake once worked at the same school. It's really awesome to be able to carry on her name and legacy!!! I hope that she is up there bragging to her friends about me tonight. (This thing has me a little emotional....sorry about that. I know better than to BUIE - blog under the influence of emotions!!)