Wednesday, September 29, 2010

almost missed it!

I can't believe that almost all of September has gone by and I haven't blogged. I think part of is cause I've BEEN RIDICULOUSLY BUSY! I quickly want to say that I've finished another book, "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks, not the most depressing book he's ever should check it out. I don't guess I've told you everything that I've gotten myself into this school year. I know I told you at the end of last year that I would be taking a Public Relations Coordinator at my school, as a way to make extra money. I found out when I got back from my trip that I'm also the Student Council Sponsor, which I'm really excited about. Then at the first staff meeting they asked for volunteers for PSIA coordinator, which is basically Private School UIL for 1st-8th grades. Again, I'm REALLY excited about that. I LOVED taking my Advance Science class to that competition at Tech last year! It was GREAT! So I'm excited to get to do that some more!! Then a few weeks ago, I volunteered (sort of ) to take over the 6th grade homeroom! The teacher who had them, also had them for like 3 other classes in the morning which is too much for ANYONE! Which if anyone from Jones is reading this, you probably know how STINKING EXCITED I AM ABOUT HAVING A HOMEROOM!! My 4th grade homeroom a few years ago, was my homeroom soul mate!! They LOVED COMPETING and I'm fairly certain we won (or at least tied) every competition that year!! So I'm hoping to work my magic and bring this sixth grade class to life! They're a little immature and have been a challenge, but I've had worse :) Oh and I'm currently planning something else, that if you have a facebook you've read about my super secret project :) I'm a little hesitant to announce it just yet since it's not completely official but hopefully in a matter of weeks it will be OFFICIAL! Plus, since I'm not working another job, well at least not one somewhere else, I have been able to participate in the Young Adult activities at St. Thomas which has been a lot of FUN! I've also made it to several volleyball games, middle school and high school. Oh- I'm also teaching (facilitating) a Dual Credit College Algebra, which has been a challenge. I've enjoyed having the seniors in class, but I have to spent time the night before going over what I'm supposed to teach them....I'm hoping it's one of those things I get to do again, so I can do it better....Oh, I also attended my last wedding of the past year. From October 2009-October 2010, I attended SEVEN, yes 7, weddings. Apparently this is something that happens to everyone at some point in their life,  and at least I had a really awesome black dress that I was able to wear and uniquely accessorize for each occasion! Well, I've got a trip this weekend. I'm going to Irving for a PSIA workshop on Saturday until 2, then I'm heading South for AUSTIN! It's Betsy's Birthday!! So I'm really excited about that!!!!! So I guess I better start putting things together so I can leave after school on Friday! So until then....
 Thanks for reading.